Why your brand needs a social responsibility strategy in 2015

Published by Engagement Labs on December 12, 2014

If you haven’t already, why should your brand factor corporate social responsibility into your 2015 strategy? Adweek called it all the way back in 2010: social responsibility boosts brand perception. And in case you need a more recent stat: 84% of consumers are willing to shell out more for a product or service they feel is socially responsible (from a 2014 survey).

Also, have you checked out Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and just about any marketing blog lately? They’re all hungry for feel-good brand stories. If your brand can successfully pull off a high-profile campaign with a do-good element, you’ll generate some healthy buzz via social sharing and likely see more purchases/trials/signups in 2015.

Here are three brands that killed it in the corporate social responsibility arena this year and their corresponding evalue analytics scores, which rates social media channels based on engagement, responsiveness, and impact.


The go-to brand for budget travel accommodations got a gorgeous rebrand this year and along with a new logo introduced its new pillars: people, places, and love. They put “people” front and centre in their CSR program this year, committing to donating and support to approximately 1,000 AmeriCorps members.

evalue airbnb


Just in time for the holiday season, Lululemon launched their #givepresence campaign (instead of “presents”, get it?), urging us to minimize distractions and the state of being chronically busy and instead connect — really connect — with the people in our lives.

evalue lulu


So many brands go for a green play these days, and few do it authentically. Outdoor wear line Patagonia got press for a bold move: telling consumers not to buy their products. More specifically, they urged people to buy less and not just shop out of boredom (with the underlying message being “but when you do shop, buy from us”). And to put their money where their mouths are, they also created an investment fund for eco-conscious startups in April.

evalue pata

Aside from winning new customers and media coverage, consider this: You’re a more attractive employer if social good is woven through your company culture. A 2011 study found that millennials value “believing in what they are doing” more than good pay. If you want to tap the highly desirable millennial demo for talent, positioning yourself as a corporation that chases profits at all costs doesn’t cut it anymore.

Think about this when you’re mapping out Q1, and if you want to find out if a certain brand’s CSR efforts have helped them move the needle, check out their evalue score.