Who are the Top Beer Brands on Twitter America? Here’s Your Long Weekend 6-Pack

Published by Engagement Labs on May 20, 2015

Start Your Memorial Day Weekend Off Right With Your 6-Pack Lineup

It’s Memorial Day weekend which means the it’s the unofficial start to summer and Americans across the country will be enjoying the warm weather, firing up the BBQ and cracking open a few cold ones. So to help you choose your Memorial Day beer of choice here’s your long weekend 6-pack based on our recent press release on the top ranked beer brands on Twitter in the U.S.

Top 6 American Beer Brands on Twitter 

1. Miller Lite (@MillerLite)
2. Stella Artois (@StellaArtois)
3. Bud Light (@budlight)
4. Coors Light (@CoorsLight)
5. Budweiser (@Budweiser)
6. Heineken (@Heineken)

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Your Long Weekend 6-Pack Lineup

Miller Lite

Miller Lite leads the pack with an eValue score of 84.5 demonstrating that not only do they have the most followers, but they create content that engages their audience and encourages them to interact with their brand. In their recent summer campaign “Share Your Summer. We’ll Show America” Miller Lite retweets and favorites follower submitted content such as pictures of people showcasing their beer, using the popular hashtag #ItsMillerTime.

This type of engagement with their audience generated both high Impact and Engagement scores, which is evident in the graph below, as they also have the highest sub metrics for retweets and favorites, far exceeding the competition.

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Stella Artois

Coming in at number 2 in our 6-pack weekend lineup is Stella Artois with an eValue score of 82.5. Taking a different approach from Miller Lite’s casual, user generated content, Stella Artois as a brand portrays itself as a classier import beer that is meant to be served in a chalice.

Stella Artois top Tweets (click to enlarge)

Ranking first for Engagement, Stella Artois creates content that caters to a different audience than Miller Lite. All images attached to their tweets are professional photos and portray a certain upscale lifestyle associated with drinking their beer. Their audience is extremely active with 22% of their followers engaging with their content.

The brand also leads the competition in retweets, favorites and mentions by a significant number, as demonstrated in the image above.


Bud Light

#UpForWhatever campaign creator Bud Light comes in at 3rd place with an eValue score of 81. Although the brand suffered a campaign blunder (over the two week period our data measured) for the new wave of Bud Light bottles featuring snappy wording on the label.

One of the labels instantly came under fire on social. Bud Light publicly apologized on their Twitter channel garnering huge engagement from their community.

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Following the marketing mishap Bud Light was not as active on the account as they usually are, causing their Responsiveness sub score to dip as shown in the graph below.

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However, because Bud Light previously had high engagement and their content has huge impact on their audience their Engagement and Impact scores remained high and the brand was able to gain the highest amount of followers as well as highest Replies and Mentions during the time-frame.

Bud Light top Tweets (click to enlarge)


Coors Light

Coors Light came in 4th place with an eValue score of 72, 8 points below 3rd place beer brand Bud Light. With content focused around sporting events, Coors Light’s scores for Engagement, Impact and Responsiveness were close to meeting the group average.

Coors Light top Tweets (click to enlarge)

One area Coors Light can leverage to improve their eValue score is posting content more frequently and consistently. Coors Light receives high engagement when they post, but posts are infrequent.

The brand excels in responding to their followers, having the highest Response Quality score, providing relevant information to their community when responding to mentions as seen in the image below.



Number 5 in our 6-pack, eValue data for Budweiser shows very similar results to Coors Light. The brands #BudandBurgers campaign encourages their audience to tweet and share photos of an ‘original burger and a Budweiser’ and saw tremendous engagement with their audience.

An example of this being a post from May 6th garnering over 2.1K favorites.

Budweiser top Tweets (click to enlarge)

Standing middle of the pack Budweiser’s, like Coors Light, infrequent posts drive down the brands eValue score. Sister brand of Bud Light we saw a peak when the #UpForWhatever incident happened on April 28th then a decline in mentions following the campaign blunder.

As per the graph below Budweiser’s brand mentions dipped again on May 6th due to inactivity on the channel.

Budweiser Twitter mentions over time (click to enlarge)



Taking the sixth spot in our long weekend 6-pack is Heineken. With the highest Impact score in our line-up Heineken’s social strategy is an interesting one.

Heineken’s Twitter page has numerous periods of inactivity. Within our data timeframe their eValue score drops significantly between April 22 – April 30th, a 5 day period of inactivity.

Heineken’s eValue score over time (click to enlarge)

As soon as the brand began tweeting again their eValue score recovered quickly due to the high levels of admin tweet, as seen in the graph below. Even with periods of inactivity Heineken has the highest number of admin tweets of our lineup. This positively influences the brands Impact score, leading the pack a score of 73.8.

Heineken’s admin Tweets over time (click image to enlarge)

So with that we wish our American friends a fantastic Memorial Day long weekend!

Cheers America,

The eValue Team


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