What Cineplex did to take the Movies to the People

Published by Engagement Labs on July 17, 2015

Creating content that resonates with target audiences and encourages sharing is key to a brand’s success of their overall social media strategy. Engaging content and organic sharing enables brands to extend their reach beyond their own fans and followers and into new communities that paid media alone typically doesn’t reach.

Here’s an infographic that shows how eShare works with paid and organic content:


Paid vs Organic

There are two ways content is typically shared on social media, through organic and paid reach. Organic is the natural acceleration your content gets when your followers view, engage and share. However, organic reach is becoming increasingly more difficult for brands to leverage with social media networks changing their algorithms making it more difficult for brands to get in front of their fans organically.

Promoting your content through paid media allows brands to boost their content on social channels by targeting your audience by region, age and interests.


Reaching new and niche audiences

There is a third way that brands, properties and personalities can reach and target their audiences without using paid posts. At Engagement Labs we created a media product that supplements a brand’s social strategy – a product that performs like organic but can be measured like paid media.

eShare, part of the eValue Analytics product set, accelerates word of mouth conversations with consumers through the amplification of content. Using an audience prediction model to reach communities of interest, both niche and en masse, eShare allows collaboration, co-creation and customized organic networks to work together using tactics that are planned, measured and purchased exactly like paid social content.


How Cineplex leveraged eShare to reach new audiences

In November of 2014 Cineplex launched a Holiday Promotion to drive fans of all movie-genres to the online Cineplex Store.

To activate movie-lovers of all ages Cineplex called on Engagement Labs to leverage the use of old school word of mouth and mass collaboration in fan communities of all genres and turbo-charged it with a unique approach using amplification, eShare.


Real Butter on the Popcorn

Using eShare, Cineplex could reach deeper into fan and genre specific film communities to communicate directly with the fans through specific content and promotional incentives. With blockbuster movies ranging from Guardians of the Galaxy to Frozen, the amplification team successfully connected the genre and the title with the fans driving over 13,000 highly engaged consumers to the Cineplex Store. In just over 4 weeks the program generated over 32,000 measured engagements, with a downstream social reach of over 1.5 million on a frequency of hundreds of earned media posts.


All tolled, 42% of the targeted fans visited cineplex.com, for an engagement result 3x better than predicted.

From a measurement perspective, performance metrics were reported in a dashboard comparable to paid social media, by content type, engagement type and network type. For example, the team could report exactly on the number direct image views and shares coming from one image post on Imgur – 3,460 to be precise – compared to amount of click-throughs on specific Guardians of the Galaxy content – 1,874 to be exact.


eShare, you share!

Using eShare to accelerate consumer engagement and sharing allows marketers to expand the reach of their content to communities of interest. With more and more consumers becoming aware and wary of sponsored or paid social content, amplification is a tactic that should be included in all brands social media strategy to compliment paid and organic reach.

eShare supports social media marketers in growing their audience by determining where these audiences are using proprietary social technology and then seeding and amplifying sharable brand content for them to engage with.

First Launched in 2003, amplification has been used as part of the social mix of brands ranging from AT&T, Proctor and Gamble and Pepsi-co to major social activations ranging from the Superbowl to the US Presidential Election.

For more information on the eShare product contact sales@engagementlabs.com.