U.S. TV Networks – Who’s TV’s Top Network Bunch?

Published by Engagement Labs on June 3, 2015

eValue™ Analytics Ranks the Top Performing U.S. TV Networks on Twitter and Facebook.

Top U.S. TV Networks (click to enlarge)
The television industry is evolving at a rapid rate with delivery of content and viewer consumption patterns changing exponentially within the last decade. Consumers now have more ways to get content than ever, whether it be though TV Cable subscription, online or on social media.

That being said, networks need to adapt to these new mediums to ensure they are staying ahead of the curve as they compete against other networks, not only for viewers attention but also advertising dollars.

This week, we looked at U.S. TV broadcast networks in the following categories; over-the-air channels, news channels, cable channels and premium movie channels, and ranked the overall top 50 U.S. TV broadcast networks based on their eValue™ scores on Facebook and Twitter from May 11th to 24th.

We took a deeper dive into the top 8 U.S. TV broadcast networks to determine the content, strategies and best practices that propelled them to the top of social.


U.S. Media Channels on Facebook:

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When it comes to Facebook – News networks rise to the top

You only need to look at your Facebook feed to see that the social network has become a channel for more than just status updates and baby photos. It’s become the place where all major news networks are posting and sharing relevant news content. In fact 30% of U.S. adults use Facebook as a source to get news.

So it’s no surprise the news networks are leveraging their broadcast content on their Facebook pages – allowing followers to engage with the content on a deeper level – by liking, commenting and sharing.

According to our eValue ranking MSNBC came out at number one with an eValue score of 94.11 (out of 100), ranking high across the board in our subscore categories: Engagement, Impact and Responsiveness. But what is it that lead this news network to the top? Their extremely active user base, quantity of content posted on their channel and high engagement from their followers.

MSNBC demonstrates high audience engagement, ranking number one for comments and shares per 1000 fans and number two for likes per 1000 fans. This is seen in our eValue “top posts” image below showing MSNBC’s top posts on Facebook between May 11-May 24 with their number one post garnering over 51.9K in likes.

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MSNBC may have come out on top however, it was a tight race as Fox News, CNN and Fox Business all had high eValue scores within the category. What’s interesting is that all these networks are primarily news focused – again showing that online news content dominates on Facebook.

Fox Business came out at number one on our eValue Engagement subscore and CNN placed number one for Impact. It’s worth noting that both networks have more followers than MSNBC – however their active user base is lower than that of MSNBC’s meaning that they have lower levels of Engagement on content with their total audience base, thus decreasing their  total eValue score.

The eValue graph below shows overall content shares on Facebook over time which clearly shows Fox News dominating total shares on their content against its competition.

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U.S. Media Channels on Twitter:

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Real time entertainment conversations rule on Twitter

Twitter is an information network. A place for people to get information in real time, follow hashtags on topics and events they are interested in. Twitter users participate with brands through trending hashtags. Since Twitter functions best in real time, eValue scores are higher for networks who broadcast TV shows and live events – topics where people can actively follow the conversations and engage with in real time. In comparison to Facebook, where we primarily saw news programming in the top eight.

Shows utilize hashtags in programming so people can interact with these conversations off the small screen and on the computer, tablet or smartphone. Celebrities live tweet during their own shows as well – adding another element to get people engaging with content.

Celebrity news hub E! takes the top award on Twitter for highest eValue score 89.58. Number one on our eValue Impact subscore, Admin Tweets, Follower Retweets and Favourites the network utilizes its programming to extend content beyond the television screen.

As you can see in the eValue graph below, E! dominates competition in number of Admin Retweets.

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NBC Sports took the second spot, demonstrating that it is not the number of followers you have but the number of active users engaging with your content. Sports is a niche market that provides the perfect medium for real time conversations as seen in the below eValue image of top tweets.

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MSNBC was the only hard news network to make the top eight on Twitter – despite news outlets dominating the Facebook rankings. MSNBC had the highest number of Replies on their content, as evident in the eValue graph below.

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Developing a strategy for your audience on social media

Developing a social media strategy is about knowing your audience, the content they find interesting, are more likely to engage with and how they leverage their social channels. Using the eValue tool can help companies and brands develop a greater understanding of their social media audience and the content that is driving engagement. eValue can provide marketers with the tools to develop a stronger social media strategy, using real data to form real insights.

And last but not least, here’s eValue Analytics overall Top 50 TV Networks in the U.S.

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