TotalSocial® provides the most comprehensive view of consumer conversations by bringing together online social media listening with comprehensive offline word-of-mouth conversation analytics and creating a single performance score. The TotalSocial® score is built on the four most important drivers of a brand’s social marketing performance:
Volume, Sentiment, Brand Sharing, and Influence.

How much conversation is a particular brand getting online and offline?
Net Sentiment
How positive the conversation is. We subtract the share of conversation for a brand that is negative from the share that is positive. This provides a “net” sentiment for the brand.
Brand Sharing
How much sharing of brand content is happening. This metric is designed to measure the brand’s success in getting its owned brand content talked about and shared. For offline, it is the share of conversations in which people are talking about the brand’s marketing or advertising. For online, it is the extent to which brand content is shared via the brand’s social media pages.
How are consumer influencers engaging with the brand. This metric is based on how well the brand does connecting with the day-to-day influencers with the largest social networks, both offline and online.

Discover where all your customers are talking with TotalSocial®
The balance between online and offline conversation differs in every industry. TotalSocial® measures over 500 brands categorized into 15 industries.

Explore the only measurement solution that provides you with insights on how your brand stacks up against industry competitors.

Gain a deeper understanding of performance
TotalSocial® scores are available by brand, category, or custom competitive set. View your industry in a whole new way with a single integrated dashboard that monitors performance, predicts future growth and delivers insights that drive business results.

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