The only platform that combines online and offline actionable data with predictive analytics to grow your brand.

Consumer conversations account for 19% of sales…

…and nearly 50% of this comes from Offline chat.

Online conversations are very different, and often contradictory. Only combining insights from both gives you the fullest picture of your brand’s consumer.

TotalSocial® combines online listening metrics with the world’s only ongoing measure of offline conversations to help you take control of the discussions that matter most to your business, the ones that show the greatest correlation with sales growth and customer acquisition.

“I have long been impressed with the innovative work from the Engagement Labs team, and find TotalSocial to be the best solution to incorporate into Kantar Analytics’ toolkit. I’m excited to be working with Engagement Labs on behalf of Kantar and its clients. It’s important for businesses to understand how they are discussed and represented online but we shouldn’t be blind to other data sources. Good performance online doesn’t mean that your product is the one being talked about around the kitchen table. Brands need to build a complete picture and this partnership will help our clients to integrate both their online and word of mouth strategies.”

Matt Dodd,
Managing Partner of Kantar Analytics Practice

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