Here Are Your Top 10 Late Night Shows On Social Media

Published by Engagement Labs on May 25, 2015

Last Wednesday 13.76 million viewers watched as the longest running late night show host David Letterman counted down his final Top Ten List on The Late Show. As a tribute to the legendary host we’ve created our very own Top 10 Late Night Shows on Facebook and Twitter.

Using our eValue tool we measured the social media performance of each late night show’s Twitter and Facebook channels from May 14th to May 21st, the day after Letterman’s final appearance.

So, Ladies and Gentleman, here’s tonight’s Top 10 Late Night Shows on Facebook.

  eValue™ Late Night Top Ten on Twitter (click to enlarge)

Here are tonight’s Top 10 Late Night Shows on Twitter.

  eValue™ Late Night Top Ten on Twitter (click to enlarge)

There you have it folks, your Top Ten List for Late Night Shows on social. Letterman was able to leverage his final week on the late night circuit to increase fans and saw a spike in “likes, retweets and favourites” on both Facebook and Twitter, however it still wasn’t enough to propel Letterman into his long sought after #1 spot in the late night show lineup.



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