The YouTube Vlogger: Social Media’s Latest Career Choice

Published by Engagement Labs on November 26, 2015

Vloggers – you may have heard of them. They’re one of the latest career options that have emerged from the social media revolution. Posting YouTube videos on hot topics, these individuals have not only launched incredible careers, but are raking in millions. Just take a look at Forbes Magazine’s list of highest-paid YouTube stars to see just how much you can really make off of the video-streaming channel.

Engagement Labs recently ranked these highest-paid YouTube stars based on their social media performance and after researching their respective social media channels, we’ve compiled some interesting highlights to share with you about their online success:


Video-gamer turned vlogger, PewDiePie, earns the highest income and number of subscribers of the group, but didn’t score as highly on eValue as expected due to his lower Engagement scores. Some of his online highlights include:

– Highest Impact on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
– Largest follower average and follower growth on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
– Highest number of total views on YouTube



Placing second on Forbes’ list for highest-paid YouTube stars, comedy duo, Smosh, dominates the Facebook rankings, but experiences a lack of thumbs up from online audiences on their other social channels. Some highlights of their channels include:

– Highest overall eValue and Impact scores on Facebook
– Largest follower average on Facebook


Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link go head-to-head with Smosh for top comedy duo on YouTube. While not as successful on Facebook as their competitor, Rhett & Link demonstrate impressive online success by beating them out on other social media channels with:

– Excellent Engagement across the board, resulting in the highest Engagement score on both Facebook and YouTube
– Second highest overall eValue score on Facebook, as well as the most active user base on the platform
– Highest amount of comments and likes per 1,000 fans on YouTube



Olajide “JJ” Olatunji, better known as KSI, brings his English charm and comedic chops to the online screen. Not scoring as highly as some of his fellow vloggers for overall eValue score, the British YouTuber still remains a worthy adversary with:

– Highest Responsiveness score on Facebook
– Second highest overall eValue score on Twitter with the fastest response speed of just 22 minutes


Michelle Phan

Make-up is her forte on her YouTube channel, but it looks like Michelle Phan might have a bright future in social media response strategies based on her eValue rankings. While ranking lower for overall eValue score across all channels, the beauty expert manages to achieve:

– Impressive Responsiveness across the board with the highest scores for the subcategory on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube



The self-proclaimed unicorn, Lilly Singh, a.k.a. Superwoman, proves quality reigns over quantity by climbing to the top of the social media charts, despite lower follower averages, showcasing such online success as:

– First place for overall eValue score, Engagement and number of favourites & mentions per 1,000 fans on Twitter
– Second place for overall eValue score on Instagram
– First place for overall eValue score on YouTube


Rosanna Pansino

Nerdy topics never looked so tasty with Rosanna Pansino’s cooking channel. Combining all things nerdy with baking, Pansino shares her drool-worthy treats across her social channels to achieve:

– First place on Instagram for overall eValue score, Engagement and number of likes & comments per 1,000 fans
– Third place on Facebook for overall eValue score and highest amounts of likes & shares per 1,000 fans

The Final Subscription

While we may think that the number of views and followers is what demonstrates online success, the list of highest-paid YouTubers reveals that this isn’t the case. The real key to online success is creating unique and exciting content for your followers to engage with, while interacting with your followers.

So, keep generating those subscribers, but don’t stop there! Get your users to like, comment and share so that you’ll keep getting that thumbs up from the online world.

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