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Published by Engagement Labs on June 10, 2015

According To eValue Analytics They Don’t Get A Second Interview

Top U.S. Online Job Boards (click to enlarge)
Online job boards are a popular place for job seekers to find work or discover new employment. Providing more than just a place to post job lists or see who’s hiring, many online job destinations are leveraging content disseminated through social media to connect with followers, engage in conversation and advertise their services.

In our eValue Analytics data, we saw that the industry as a whole is struggling to engage with their followers on social media platforms – with the group average Engagement subscore at a relatively low 51.59 (out of a possible 100 points). As the topic of unemployment can be a very personal experience, it’s not surprising that many are less open to sharing content from these sites on public channels – such as on Facebook or Twitter.

This presents an interesting opportunity for online job board destinations to determine the type of content that will create high engagement with two types of followers – those who are unemployed and looking for a job and those who already employed but want to stay engaged with online job boards when they might be looking for new work or a new career.

This week we looked at the top U.S. online job boards and the different strategies they use to connect with their followers on Facebook and Twitter over a two week period from May 18th – 31st.

Online Job Boards on Facebook

Facebook is a great avenue to for companies to engage with their followers by sharing content. Collectively the companies we ranked in our top 10 have over 2.1 million fans on Facebook, however overall eValue scores were low compared to other industries we have ranked such as banks, media outlets and beer companies.

Top U.S. Online Job Boards on Facebook (click to enlarge)

Indeed took top spot on Facebook with a eValue score of 53.36. As you can see from looking at their top posts below, Indeed’s content focuses on an array of topics from job industry stats and studies to education and information on specific industries. This content is well received from fans giving Indeed the second highest Impact score.

Indeed – Top posts on Facebook (click to enlarge)

Responsiveness plays a major role for online job board destinations. Because creating mass engagement from fans can be challenging, these companies should leverage their Facebook channel as a way to communicate and respond to fans. took first spot for Responsiveness and Response Quality score. Meaning that they actively respond to comments and questions on their Facebook page and provide their fans with additional information in their replies such as a link or resource which adds additional value to the conversation.

Responsiveness average scores overtime on Facebook (click to enlarge)

LinkedIn came in third with an eValue score of 52.05. LinkedIn, did have the highest Impact score of the ten brands ranked, which measures how many unique users have potentially been exposed to a piece of content. However their Impact score during the two period analyzed on eValue Analytics was in continual decline. They also have the highest number of fans. LinkedIn is an interesting case due to the fact that they are also their own social network. Their Engagement score was low which brought down their overall eValue score, which could account to the fact that people are more likely to share LinkedIn content on the LinkedIn network rather than on Facebook.

LinkedIn – Average Impact score overtime on Facebook (click to enlarge)


Online Job Boards on Twitter

Twitter saw slightly higher eValue scores overall than on Facebook in the online job board industry. Cumulative followers on Twitter were less than Facebook sitting just above 600,000 total for the top 10.

Top U.S. Online Job Boards on Twitter (click to enlarge)

Monster took first place with a reasonable eValue score of 74.13, compared to the rest of the industry and fifteen points higher than it’s nearest competitor. Monster ranked number one on our Impact subscore with 78.93, twelve points higher than its closest competitor CareerBuilder. Also taking first place for replies and favourites, Monster’s mix of content not only provides advice for job seekers but also great career tips for those currently employed, as you can see from their top posts below.

Monster – Top Tweets (click to enlarge)
ZipRecruiter ranked number one in our Responsiveness eValue subscore, which helped elevate their eValue score overall, despite having a low Impact score. Responsiveness is key in this market and a strategy that other companies in the industry should make sure to leverage to increase engagement with fans. The eValue graph below shows the top 10 online job board companies Responsiveness subscores over a two week period. You can see that ZipRecruiter clearly dominates this subscore and shows it’s obviously an important aspect of their social media strategy.

Responsiveness Average Scores Overtime on Twitter (click to enlarge)

AOL Jobs took the top ranking for Engagement however their Impact score was low showing that although they are posting an enormous amount of content it is is not reaching as many people as it potentially could. As we see from the two eValue charts below although AOL has the highest number of admin tweets, their posts rank low in terms of favourites.

Total Admin Tweets Overtime (click to enlarge)

However, low Engagement from fans in terms of favourites.

AOL Jobs – Total Favourites On Twitter (click to enlarge)

Some Insights For Online Job Boards

Focus on creating content that caters to multiple audiences is imperative for brands in this industry. Showcase a variety of content rather than just the “top 5 tips to writing a great resume”. Providing career development advice and sharing useful career resources will allow your content to reach a broader audience. Engagement is key for success on social media so make sure your content is something that people will want to share with their communities, followers or friends. Lastly make sure to treat your fan base well by responding with quality responses that shows your fans you’re interested in what they have to say. Lastly, make sure to provide fantastic customer service for those who are having difficulty using your online job board. That could make the difference between an individual using your service or moving on to your competitors.


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