The Social Year-End Countdown: Social Media’s Favorite Brands of 2015

Published by Engagement Labs on December 17, 2015

It’s hard to believe 2015 is coming to close when it feels like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year. With 2016 around the corner, everyone’s releasing their “Best of 2015” lists analyzing the best of the best of various hot topics from the year.

Forbes recently released their list of America’s 10 favorite brands for 2015, so we decided to release our own list ranking these favorite American brands of 2015 based on their social media performance during the year.

Based on Engagement Labs’ eValue data here are the top five of America’s favorite brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

Source: Engagement Labs eValueTM 2015 rankings of America’s 10 favorite brands for 2015

Fans are Hungry for More Social

As the only quick service restaurant to make the list, Chick-fil-A Inc. satisfied online audience hunger as indicated by their first place ranking across all three channels.

With food as a major area of interest in the online sphere, Chick-fil-A Inc. honed in on this market by posting images of their popular menu items, garnering mass engagement from online fans.

On Instagram, the brand “regrams” user content further creating online engagement amongst followers. The brand successfully builds a connection with their fans utilizing user-generated content showing real customers’ appreciation for their products.

Bingeing on Social

Fans of Netflix aren’t just binge-watching their favorite TV shows on the streaming service, but are also bingeing on the brand’s social media activity according to eValue analytics.

Placing second for both Twitter and Instagram, the brand leverages content centered around all of its most popular shows to get audiences excited and interacting with the brand’s content.

Also attaching itself to the “Netflix & Chill” phenomenon that’s emerged over the last year, the brand has embraced the term including it in Instagram posts to receive overwhelmingly positive responses.

Online Browsers Shop Socially

While several retailers made it into the top ten favorite American brands, online retailer Amazon ranked in the top five for all three channels based on their social media performance, beating out other retailers like Target.

Considering that many of Amazon’s fans are tech-competent as indicated by their propensity for online shopping, it’s fair to say these fans would have no issue being active on the brand’s social channels.

Amazon targeted these online fanatics by attaching themselves to big holidays and events such as Black Friday, Read A Book Day, National Dog Day and much more. Relating their content to such events while incorporating their online merchandise, shoppers continuously had the brand top of mind during online shopping experiences.

The Social Media Resolution

As 2015 winds down and everyone’s gearing up for 2016, the need for successful social media strategies has only gotten stronger. As we see from this year’s batch of favorite American brands, excellent social media strategies can have a huge impact on how your brand is perceived overall.

So if you’re looking to make next year’s top ten list, better start focusing on that social media strategy, because the clock’s ticking and those resolutions aren’t going to fulfill themselves…

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