The Online Elections: Which Canadian Prime Minister Candidate is Leading the Social Media Polls?

Published by Engagement Labs on October 6, 2015

It’s federal election time in Canada which means campaign trails, political advertisements and televised debates have taken over the nation. With election day less than two weeks away and the race as tight as it’s ever been, Engagement Labs wanted to see how the different candidates were faring on social media.

A few weeks ago we investigated how the candidates performed on social media right after their first televised debate, so this time we took a look at how they’ve been faring in the final weeks before the October 19th election. Are the social media polls reflecting what the voter polls are suggesting or are the candidates approaching their social media campaigns much differently than their offline campaigns? Find out below and don’t forget to vote on October 19th:

Justin Trudeau Emerges Victorious on Facebook

Trudeau Continues to Win on Twitter

So will the social media results be reflected through the election results? We’ll only know come October 19th, when we all get the chance to exercise our right to vote and have our voices heard. We’ll check in next week to see how the candidates are doing closer to the date.

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