The Greatest Hits: How are Music Streaming Services Using Social Media to Climb the Charts?

Published by Engagement Labs on September 18, 2015

When you see someone with headphones plugged in, tuned out, chances are they’re jamming to their favorite tunes on a music streaming service. With the emergence of so many of these services in the last few years, the music industry has been revolutionized.

Music fans are now turning to music streaming services to create their playlists, download their songs, and discover new artists. The instantaneous nature of these services has caught on with our fast-paced society and we’re seeing a huge surge in their popularity.

But with this sudden popularity in music streaming services, we have to ask, who’s a chart-topper and who will end up a one-hit wonder? We took it upon ourselves to look at the top music streaming services and discover some of the unique and exciting tricks they’ve leveraged on social media to stay on top of the game:

The Hottest Collaborations

Similar to when Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborated to release Watch the Throne, we are seeing music streaming services embarking on influential collaborations to engage their users.

For example, Rdio, the eValue score leader on Facebook, just announced a partnership with Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos. Partnering with a world-renowned brand such as Hard Rock that is celebrated for working with incredible artists throughout the years, really solidifies the music streaming service’s reputation.

Music listeners take their streaming choices seriously, so seeing services like Rdio partnering with key players in the music industry, like Hard Rock, maintains user engagement and builds trust amongst followers.

The Celebrity Voice

We’re in an era where celebrities are idolized and more young people know the name of the next up-and-coming musician versus their local politician. This celebrity culture helps to explain why the only artist-owned music streaming service, TIDAL, placed second on Facebook and fourth on Twitter based on eValue data.

With an Engagement subscore 20 points higher than the average on Facebook and 15 points higher than the average on Twitter, TIDAL also boasts the highest number of likes and comments per 1000 fans on Facebook. Through the data, we see that TIDAL possesses a very active user base that is consistently interacting with the brand via social media and that the streaming service is posting content that is resonating with their fans.

If we take a look at the brand’s top posts on Facebook and Twitter, we see that celebrity-endorsed content is propelling the brand’s social media channels forward through increased engagement from followers.

Taking advantage of the celebrity support and posting content such as music videos and clips straight from the artists themselves attracts followers and keeps them invested in the service.

VIP & Backstage Access

Placing third on Twitter for overall eValue score, iTunes blows the competition out of the water with the highest Engagement subscore of 73.84. A deeper look at their Twitter feed reveals that one unique way they are engaging their followers is through providing early access to new releases.

Offering early releases for singles and albums that are expected to launch in the near future establishes interest and intrigue amongst users. Users feel they gain exclusive access to something that the general public is waiting for and keeps them on their toes for similar upcoming content. This type of engagement keeps listeners coming back.

As well, if we look at veteran music streaming service Pandora, which placed second on Twitter and third on Facebook for total eValue score, we see they also engage their users through similar content.

Providing behind-the-scenes video and audio clips of artist interviews and conversations provides users with a different music streaming experience beyond just listening to albums and songs. Users will keep their eyes out for their favorite artists and keep checking back for unique content.

Overall, with the music industry continuously evolving and users looking to discover the newest music instantaneously, fans are more than ready to embrace music streaming services. After all, ABBA spoke for music fans everywhere when they sang, “Without a song or a dance what are we?”, so it’s time for music streaming services to find interesting and original ways to continue to engage their loyal fans offline and online.

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