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Named best book in marketing by American Marketing Association

CHICAGO, IL, January 7, 2014 — The American Marketing Association Foundation (AMAF) announce Ed Keller and Brad Fay’s The Face-to-Face Book: Why Real Relationships Rule in a Digital Marketplace and Daniel Pink’s To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others as the co-winners of the 2013 Berry-AMA Book Prize for the best book in marketing.

The selection of the Berry-AMA Book Prize winners and finalists included a five member team of marketing experts led by the AMA VP of Publications Robert Lusch, James and Pamela Muzzy Chair in Entrepreneurship and Executive Director, McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona. The judging panel also included William Cron (Texas Christian University), Michael Krauss (Market Strategy Group), Gordon Wyner (Millward Brown Inc.), and Valarie Zeithaml (University of North Carolina).

According to Lusch, “The committee had the good fortune this year of a very strong set of finalists for the Berry-AMA Book Prize. There were two books that rose to a level of excellence that had an amazing similarity in terms of communicating a simple but powerful message. Ed Keller and Brad Fay in their book The Face-to-Face Book provide us with strong evidence that in today’s high tech digital world, face-to-face real relationships matter most. Daniel Pink in his book To Sell Is Human offers compelling empirical evidence that everyone has the ability to persuade and alter another’s position, or to in short “sell”. These books with their simple and compelling messages do not so much as take us back to the basics but into the future of marketing with the basics.”

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The Face-to-Face Book

In The Face-to-Facebook, the world’s preeminent word-of-mouth marketing experts demonstrate how in-person social networking, not online marketing, is the secret to soaring revenues.

Even in today’s digital world, 90 percent of recommendations that lead to consumer action happen offline. In The Face to Face Book, marketing gurus Ed Keller and Brad Fay reveal the secrets to harnessing this power, showing readers how they can spread the word about their products and brands faster than the speed of Facebook and with far greater impact. The number of brand-related social networking conversations is relatively minor when compared to the billions that take place across America via offline channels—face-to-face discussions at home, in the workplace, book clubs, youth sports, parent groups—anywhere people come together and spend time talking.

Keller and Fay present this myth-busting assertion and then build their central arguments on their extensive and ongoing proprietary market research. They shine a light on the unrivaled power of in-person social networking, giving readers the tools they need to influence the marketplace and win the battle of brand advocacy that leads to soaring sales.

Readers will learn how to make their brand talkworthy, identify “influencers” who get the conversation started, create media plans that will maximize word of mouth, provide talking points to keep the conversation going, and much more. Compelling case studies based on interviews with top marketing executives from Toyota, Dell, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, and others that are unleashing the power of consumer conversation to drive demand help Keller and Fay make the authoritative case that face-to-face communication remains the single most powerful marketing tool companies can use.

Order your copy at your favorite bookseller:

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