The 2nd Annual Vince Lombardi Social Media Marketing Awards

Published by Engagement Labs on February 4, 2015


The Super Bowl isn’t just the most watched sporting event in America; it’s a prime opportunity for brands to grab you by the American Footballs and flaunt their latest ads.

This year, advertisers broke a record by paying an average of $4.5 million USD per 30-second TV spot. Coupled with the 184 million viewers that could have potentially come in contact with a brand’s ad aired during the game, delivering meaningful and impactful ads is of the utmost importance.

The Super Bowl also represents an incredible opportunity for brands to leverage their social media channels. By creating engaging content around their ads, brands can hope to increase engagement, gain new followers and keep the momentum for days to come. With this opportunity, comes a challenge – the pressure to present unique and interesting content that can cut through the clutter.

Who won the #VLSMMA?

How can we determine which brands best used the event hype through their own social media channels? Over the week leading up to the Big Game, using our eValue score as the measurement and ranking standard, we monitored and measured the Twitter accounts of the biggest advertisers in order to find the winners of the second annual Vince Lombardi Social Media Marketing Awards – #VLSMMA (catchy, eh?).

So, without further ado, here are the winners:

Teaser Award: The Top 3 Performing Teasers

In recent years, companies have been attempting to create excitement among fans far before the Super Bowl, some as early as the beginning of January. Last year, 70% of Americans had already seen Super Bowl commercials before the big game. This year, the most successful brands on Twitter wisely followed that trend. They gradually unveiled deep and creative storytelling themes, creating hype around their brand before the actual Super Bowl. Many teasers were released in the days prior to the event, with the “Big Reveal” launched on Sunday.

From Monday (26th) to Saturday (31st), @Budweiser, @TMobile and @Skittles win top honors for employing teaser spots in their strategies. The three brands exploded on Twitter. As a result, their eValue scores skyrocketed, reaching 99.62/100, 95.47/100 and 92.39/100 respectively.

teaser award

@Budweiser came out on top with the highest engagement (99,42/100) and impact scores (89,31/100).

teaser engagement

@Skittles’ engagement score increased significantly on January 27th following the release of its press conference video starring the Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch. The same went for @TMobile as it launched its satirical ad starring Kim Kardashian, on the same day. Thanks Kim!

MVB Award: Most Valuable Brand

@Budweiser hit the jackpot on Twitter during Super Bowl Sunday.

budweiserBudweiser was actively leveraging their commercial well before kickoff with its “Lost Dog” spot. The emotional commercial prompted followers to react and actively contribute to its spreading across social media. But on Sunday February 1st, the brand reached the pinnacle of social media success, achieving an eValue score of 100/100. The brand kept its followers engaged during the big event with an engagement score of 100/100. Touchdown!

Most Retweeted brand from Super Bowl Sunday… @McDonalds!

393,150: that’s the number of retweets the Golden Arches achieved on Super Bowl Sunday. McDonald’s decided to focus more on the “lovin” in its trademark “I’m Lovin’ it” slogan and found a smart way to show off by riding on the success of its competitors’ ads. @McDonalds advised Twitter users to follow their Twitter handle during each commercial break.

@McDonalds cleverly posted tweets complimenting the ads of every other major Super Bowl advertiser. In exchange, users who retweeted those flattering messages gained a chance to win the implicated products. I can’t say I didn’t retweet some of them myself (still waiting for that Fiat!). Check out some examples below:

The brand had a social media team at its headquarters in Chicago on Sunday to write up offers on the spot. One thing is certain: they rock! With an impact score of 92.84/100, the reach of the account was estimated at 181,330,666in one day!

mcdo evalue

Most Improved – Greatest positive change in eValue last week: @Always

@Always had the most impressive eValue score progression over last week: it rose from 36.37/100 on Monday January 26th to a mind boggling 100/100 on Sunday February 1st starting from 9 pm onwards (unlike @Budweiser which has the same 100/100 eValue score all day long).



Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign went viral and as a result the account’s reach increased tremendously. In one day, @Always gained 4,105 followers and reached an astonishing 40,700,779 impressions, while it’s follower count sits at only 15,439! The ad was one of the biggest successes of the Super Bowl XLIX. While the spot has been online since June 2014, its contextual re-launch confirmed that the Super Bowl can create a ton of opportunity and reactivate engagement when content is appropriate. Twitter exploded with loads of positive tweets about the ad, quickly pushing the #LikeAGirl hashtag to Trending in United States.

Fan Reaction

This year, the Twitter strategies of the Super Bowl’s biggest advertisers lead us to one major conclusion: content is king, but context is everything! With the madness of Super Bowl XLIX officially in the books, we want to know your opinion! Which campaign drew your attention the most? Let us know in the comment section below.