The 1st Vince Lombardi Social Media Marketing Awards

Published by Engagement Labs on August 6, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday, the height of sports events, advertising and heartburn in America has come and gone. The 43-8 point shelling isn’t a game that will be remembered as a classic sport anthology moment and we’re pretty sure that more than a few people stepped out during the second half to see if something better was brewing at the tailgate. While we were witnessing some outstanding performances by Russell Wilson, Malcolm Smith and Bruno Mars, the main attraction quickly became the ads. As the price of those ads continues to increase, with an average 30-second spot rate of $4 million, one can only wonder what it can buy? That kind of money can create some of the best ads ever seen, but then again if nobody’s watching what are the brands getting out of it?

Could it happen again, despite the millions of dollars spent on TV spots, that the brand that shines brightest during this year’s Super Bowl gains the spotlight through a real-time tweet instead of a big budget TV ad? We explored that trend and more…

With Oreo’s famous Superbowl XLVII tweet and Arby’s recent “Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back?“ post during the Grammy’s, we have entered a new age where a creative and well-timed tweet can cut through the clutter of million dollar TV budgets. Another interesting fact is that hashtags were employed in over half of this year’s TV ads and the “second screen” was an important part of live sports viewing.

With that in mind, we monitored and measured Facebook pages and Twitter profiles for Superbowl weekend and into Monday morning to find the winners of the first Vince Lombardi Social Media Marketing Awards – #VLSMMA (catchy eh?). While there are lots of opinions on the quality of the advertisements, we utilized our #evalue social monitoring tool to find the facts in the results. #evalue is a tool which allows you to analyze and benchmark a social media property with key indicators that go beyond the traditional “likes”, “follows” and “Facebook Insights”.

Most Improved  Largest Positive change in #evalue over the weekend (Transformers)

On Twitter and Facebook, Transformers had the most dramatic rise in fans over the weekend after their properties had been dark since December. Then they made an impressive comeback with multiple posts, retweets and interactions with their fans. On Twitter their first post alone received over 1,200 retweets from fans. On Facebook, they had more than 400,000 fan interactions over the weekend.

Agility Award – Best Real time Advertiser (JC Penney)

Success wasn’t restricted to companies that had spent the big bucks. A number of brands were able to cut through the noise and gain attention. JC Penney’s ruse of using misspelled words to mimic typing with mittens helped the brand gain notoriety, followers and media attention. Over 40,000 individuals clicked  “retweet” during the weekend despite the fact that some media outlets had criticized their technique.

Top Facebook Brand – Highest Average Facebook #evalue (Butterfinger)

The Butterfinger brand had a leg up advertising with something that’s easy to get excited about  – a new peanut butter cup! They leveraged this by actually having conversations with their fans during and after the event. With 239 admin comments during the monitoring period only TurboTax and T-Mobile, both of whom require greater service for their products, bested them. Even during the game they were able to respond within 15 minutes to many of the posts.

Most Valuable Tweeter – Highest Average Twitter #evalue (AXE)

The brand that had the highest #evalue rating over the course of the weekend was Axe. They achieved this through a campaign that promoted kissing for peace. They retweeted a number of individuals, celebrities and brands that shared photos using the #KissForPeace hashtag. Even more impressive, AXE replied to over four thousand messages by the end of the weekend showing images of each #KissForPeace image on their Times Square billboard. These efforts lead them to rank in the top three for user retweets and replies out of the 54 brands that were monitored over the weekend.


Real Time, All the Time

This year’s Super Bowl may have been the first one to fully enter the real-time media era. We saw a number of well placed tweets and a good deal of success for brands leveraging their actual TV ads in social media. But with the hype built up from Oreo’s success last year and the inability to replicate it this year, we expect that brands will try to target a wider variety of events rather than only choosing to go head to head on a single day.

Let us know if you agree or disagree with our findings or if you would like to speak with one of our social media experts (nerds).


*This report was created using the #evalue monitoring tool, all of the data was gathered through this tool along with visiting the Facebook and Twitter profiles during a time period from February 1st to February 3rd. The pages/profiles that we monitored included the US fan page if no comprehensive global page was available. The reason for this is that the broadcasting of the ads were U.S. focused.

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