Tag: Social Media

Brand Spotlight: The Grammys
February 9, 2015

The music industry’s biggest night is also one of TV’s biggest social media events of the year. It’s truly become a dual screen experience. Last year, Evan Greene, Chief Marketing Officer for The Recording Academy said “Social engagement at the GRAMMY’s continues to explode year over year as fans seek ever deeper ways to connect […]

Brand Spotlight: Always
February 5, 2015

The Always brand has become aligned with their provocative #LikeAGirl campaign, featuring an ad that flips the concept of using “like a girl” as an insult on its head. The spot, which has been called groundbreaking and features girls and boys of different ages acting out what it means to throw/run/fight “like a girl,” aired […]

The 2nd Annual Vince Lombardi Social Media Marketing Awards
February 4, 2015

The Super Bowl isn’t just the most watched sporting event in America; it’s a prime opportunity for brands to grab you by the American Footballs and flaunt their latest ads. This year, advertisers broke a record by paying an average of $4.5 million USD per 30-second TV spot. Coupled with the 184 million viewers that […]

Brand Battle: Nissan vs. Toyota
February 3, 2015

Based on this year’s ads, some people have begun to refer to Super Bowl as “Fathers Day Part 2”. With popular sentiment being that brands have never given fathers their due when it comes to their portrayal in ads, many brands took a different direction this year. Two major auto brands, Toyota and Nissan, went […]

Brand Battle: Skittles vs Snickers
January 30, 2015

Skittles and Snickers both like to play with weird humour in their social posts (witness this actual tweet from @Skittles: “On days like this I just want to sit in a Skittles bath and have a mug of Skittles”. Now their quirkiness has extended to their Super Bowl spots, in which they’ve casted unlikely mascots. […]

3 Keys to Performing a Social Media Competitive Analysis
January 29, 2015

A well executed competitive analysis can help your marketing team’s ability to make informed decisions to better optimize social media marketing efforts and drive real business results. However, for many people, the task of actually performing one can be daunting. Here are a few pointers to help you better understand the competitive landscape on social […]

Brand Spotlight: Newcastle Brown Ale
January 26, 2015

Newcastle Brown Ale has made somewhat of a reputation out of their ability to “cut through clutter” with their advertising campaigns, most of which blatantly make fun of traditional beer advertising. This year’s Superbowl ad does not disappoint. With their new campaign, Newcastle is crowdsourcing their Superbowl advertising, asking for brands to pool their marketing […]

Brand Battle: Dunkin Donuts vs. Tim Hortons
January 22, 2015

Is Dunkin’ Donuts just the American version of Tim Hortons? Well, first of all, DD has been around longer than Timmie’s. However, both chains offer cheap coffee, and bite-sized doughnut pieces known as either “”Timbits”” or “”Munchkins.”” Another thing they have in common: social media contests. @DunkinDonuts recently wrapped up their #DDHotChoc Twitter giveaway, asking […]

Brand Spotlight: Calvin Klein
January 20, 2015

The iconic underwear brand Calvin Klein, has been making lots of noise on social media in the past couple of weeks, specifically on Twitter. The #MyCalvins marketing campaign has been an example of content marketing at its finest. The goal was to update the prestige of the underwear brand for a new generation. Hence, using […]

Hot or Not: Zooey Deschanel vs. Blake Lively

What do Zooey and Blake have in common, besides weird names, starring roles on TV shows with “girl” in the title, and babies on the way in 2015? Terrible evalue scores! They may be Hollywood it girls, but when it comes to tweeting, neither of them seems to get it. Blake has an account she […]