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The Human Touch: A Lesson From Banks on How to Make Your Brand More Personable
November 12, 2015

Feeling like a number is the worst. One of the most frustrating customer experiences is receiving the same generic support that was provided to customer one through one thousand. No one wants to feel as though their business isn’t truly valued, yet somehow many leave brand interactions feeling this way. So, as a brand, how […]

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Data and Banks and Robots, Oh My!
June 16, 2015

Last year Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) partnered with Engagement Labs to create a series of videos that were fit for the big screen but made specifically for YouTube to attract the attention of first-time home-buyers. With about two-thirds of first-time home buyers being millennials, an audience that consumes media differently than previous generations, RBC knew they had to do something different to get their attention.