Spreading the Good Word: Why Brands Must ShareGood to Stay Relevant

Published by Engagement Labs on October 9, 2015

In today’s connected world, gone are the Mad Men days of advertising where brands pushed their key messages on mass audiences while focusing on the bottom dollar.

With the introduction of social media, citizens, consumers and advocates now have a public medium to express their opinions on how different brands conduct business – whether positive or negative. And one clear message coming through the social conversation is that people want better brands. They want brands that not only deliver quality products and services but also use their public position to help make the world a better place.

Some brands have caught onto this trend and are reaping the benefits. Others have not and are… well, fading away. In fact, a recent study by HAVAS revealed that 74% of brands could disappear, and people would not care. The same study dug deeper and mapped the business benefits for brands that focus on social purpose and communicating that message to key audiences. After studying over 1000 companies, they discovered the following about “meaningful brands”:

  • They deliver 100% (double) the score on KPIs
  • They deliver 46% more Share of Wallet
  • They perform 133% than stock market prices

The problem is that while sharing updates on your company’s good deeds is always a positive, many companies don’t know how to get that message to their key audience of niche influencers that avidly read and share CSR and sustainability news.

Through our work with global brands and understanding of how audiences interact with brands through online content, Engagement Labs has developed ShareGood. This is a product offering that helps CSR-minded companies build awareness and affinity with audiences who, until now, may not have been aware of their great initiatives.

Here is how we do it:

  1. We scan the web to find out who is talking about your company, where and how you fit into the conversation
  2. We create and/or optimize your CSR content to ensure it is engaging and meaningful in the CSR discussion
  3. We target the specific influencers, groups, pages and blogs that would be most interested in your content and spread it as far as we can
  4. We monitor the response, report our findings and adjust our strategy for optimal results

Our methodology ensures that the content we are sharing and the audiences with whom we are sharing, are all determined and backed by data. That means there is no guesswork, no experimentation – just irrefutable data based insights. Our manual sharing method also allows us to do two key things that cannot be achieved by using traditional paid advertising:

  1. Organically generate impressions and engagements in a highly targeted demographic
  2. Reach and engage an audience unreachable through paid ads

In 2015, good marketing, trust and a solid product simply aren’t enough. Brands need to demonstrate the positive changes they are bringing to society as a whole, if they hope to survive. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our ShareGood offering.

e-mail: maggie.durand@engagementlabs.com

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