Social #WorldCup: Sponsors, Moments & Stars

Published by Engagement Labs on August 1, 2014

If you missed it, the world cup finished yesterday. #SpoilerAlert Germany won. The quadrennial tournament certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of action on the field.  If you’ve spent any time on social media during the world cup the action there was pretty furious also. Seriously did everyone take holidays for the last month?

The Sponsors

During these holidays, Billions were spent by the FIFA and World Cup sponsors to be front and center as we turned our attention towards Brazil and the beautiful game. In our last post we looked at the sponsors and their success on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. With the exception of Johnson & Johnson’s decline, not much has changed in the evalue ranking over the course of the tournament.

The most notable tendency on the final day of the tournament was the lack of timely coverage by the sponsors. Most of the posts were general and were obviously pre-posted. Some pages even failed to mention the final. McDonalds took the opportunity to share LeBron James’s photo.

Emirates, Kia and Adidas were the exceptions and the response to their posts was huge. With millions spent on the sponsorship it’s shocking that a community manager wasn’t working on Sunday for more of these brands.

Emirates in particular maintained very high engagement and interest through the tournament, though it should be noted that travel companies are typically ranked in the top 10% of our evalue ranking. Besides the posts themselves it’s difficult to evaluate what proportion of their success is based on their World Cup content versus their industry.

The Moments

While Mario Götze’s goal to give Germany the lead and ultimately the cup will go down in the history books the moment that stole the social media show was Germany’s 7-1 dismantling of the Brazil. There were loads of gifs and memes that lit up the Twittersphere, this one says it succinctly. Other moments that rocked the social media world were the Suarez bite, Spain’s collapse, Costa Rica’s amazing performance and Van Persies learning to fly.


The Stars

Coming into the tournament the players expected to take the spotlight included Neymar, Christiano Renaldo and Lionel Messi. Messi had a decent showing and was awarded the Golden Ball, yet it was Colombian James Rodriguez and Brazilian David Luis that shone brightest. In the last two weeks they both nearly doubled their fan bases.

Luis clearly won the cover photos.

Brazil proved to be one of the greatest sporting events of all time; with amusing social media commentary to match. Going back to the real world of social media is hard. Without the social buffer of football your friends are going to retreat to wedding, food and baby pictures… Russia 2018 is only 1424 days away, and who knows what the major sporting event sponsors will come up with next to try and leverage their brands. To obtain free social media analytics that can help you spot trends during an event, go to

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