What do Palmolive, Corona, RCA and PayPal have in Common? They are All “Social Misfits” According to a New Report from Engagement Labs

New TotalSocial™ Analysis Profiles Brands that have the Biggest Mismatch Between their Online and Offline Consumer Conversation Performance

NEW YORK, NY (December 8, 2016) – According to a new analysis of social media and word of mouth performance of more than 500 U.S. consumer brands by Engagement Labs, Palmolive, Corona, RCA and PayPal are the leading “Social Misfit” brands. Social Misfits are defined as brands that perform very well socially either online or offline, but not both, suggesting ready opportunities for improvement to drive enhanced marketing effectiveness and ROI.

The Company’s new report, “Social Misfits: Brands that Have a Split Personalities, in Social Media vs. In Real Life,” which was released today, ranks the top Social Misfits based on its TotalSocial analytics system. TotalSocial provides a measurement of a brand’s holistic social performance, incorporating both online and offline brand conversations and sharing.

The analysis finds that Palmolive’s and Corona’s word of mouth performance far exceeds their performance on social media, indicating that there are impactful conversations happening about these brands offline (primarily via face-to-face conversations) as opposed to online. For RCA and PayPal, the opposite is true: their social media performance dominates over in-person conversations about the brands, which can impact sales as word of mouth conversations are more likely to drive sales than online conversations.

“Being a Social Misfit means that a brand has a big gap in their social marketing strategy, budget or marketing execution – they are either applying more effort to social media and digital work, or more to word of mouth and offline tactics. In reality, both the online and the offline sides need to work together for optimal impact,” said Ed Keller, CEO, Engagement Labs. “It’s not necessarily a negative to be considered a Social Misfit – these brands are doing a stellar job on part of their social marketing. But, Social Misfit brands that excel in social media could be missing on the two-thirds of sales that come from face-to-face conversations. Conversely, the Social Misfits who have stronger offline scores risk losing the one-third of sales generated from social media.”

The full Engagement Labs report on Social Misfits can be downloaded here. It covers 30 brands and provides detailed social media and word of mouth marketing analysis, including TotalSocial scoring data about brand performance in each sector.

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