Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who are the Top Ranked Beauty Brands on Social Media of Them All?

Aveda, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Neutrogena and Estée Lauder lead women’s beauty brands on social media according to Engagement Labs’ eValue rankings. 

 TORONTO, ON. – August 12, 2015 – The U.S. beauty industry is a $56.63 billion dollar market and social media has become a massive avenue for brands to market their products and engage consumers.

Today, technology and data company Engagement Labs (TSXV:EL), creator of eValue Analytics™ and the eValue™ score, released data rankings of the top women’s US beauty brands in the haircare, skincare and makeup categories on social media, which includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There are a number of ways brands can leverage social media channels to attract and retain consumers. Facebook provides a great opportunity given the size of the platform to generate reach and impact among fans, while Twitter is a space for brands to interact in real-time conversations. Instagram, however, has become the optimal channel for beauty brands to reach current and potential consumers.

The women’s makeup category saw this highest eValue scores of any of the categories ranked. Anastasia Beverly Hills took the top spot with the highest eValue score of 96.44 out of a possible 100. The brand also saw the highest Engagement and Impact scores, demonstrating that their mix of content from professional photos to user generated content is propelling their brand to the top. Overall, the makeup category saw the highest Impact subscores which can be attributed to the extremely high active user base on this channel.

“Social media has provided the beauty industry with a great avenue to connect with their audience. What is interesting is that instead of these brands solely relying on professionally generated advertisements to market their products, user generated content, particularly by influencers, has enabled these brands to further engage their audience and expand their footprint.” said Bryan Segal CEO at Engagement Labs.

“Social media has reinvented the meaning of DIY in beauty. Today, major social media influencers as well as everyday consumers are using channels like Instagram to showcase their makeup artistry, and endorse the brands that make them feel glamorous. Smart brands are initiating these activities and at the very least repurposing them on their own branded channels to influence purchasing decisions. Through the power of social media, brands are getting the connectivity with consumers that amplifies and expands their traditional advertising efforts,” added Segal.

Ranking among the top social media brands for haircare was Aveda and OGX Beauty on Facebook and Twitter. Both OGX Beauty and Aveda ranked within the Top 10 in each social channel showing a strong social media presence.

Global brand L’Oréal Paris also ranked within the Top 10 for the women’s haircare category across all channels. The brand saw high Impact subscores, however under-indexed with respect to their Engagement subscore. Continuing the Instagram beauty trend L’Oréal Paris ranked second on the channel behind Neutrogena, with Pantene Pro-V coming in at number three.

In the skincare category Arbonne came in at number one with an eValue score of 82.05, while, Kiehl’s and Burt’s Bees took the second and third spot on Facebook. Arbonne, saw the highest Engagement subscore, while Avon had the highest Impact subscore of the group - driving great opportunity for Avon.

“While many of the brands scored highly with respect to Engagement, many had room to improve when it came to Responsiveness. Responding to fans and followers allows these brands to truly connect with their audiences by creating a two-way dialogue. These opportunities can drive further brand affinity and greater revenue generating opportunities,” noted Segal.

About Engagement Labs

Engagement Labs’ eValue™ Score is the global benchmark for social media scoring. eValue Analytics Pro, an enterprise-grade social media analytics platform, scores brands between 0-100. The eValue suite measures brands’ social media and digital marketing efforts. It’s composed of a series of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), including Engagement, Responsiveness and Impact, which is benchmarked against 100,000+ hand picked and verified brands.

The eValue score is composed of Engagement, Impact and Responsiveness metrics. Engagement is the level of interaction content receives on a specific social network, Impact is the unique reach content receives on a specific social network, and Responsiveness measures how much, how fast and how well a brand responds to actual conversations amongst its users.

Engagement Labs (TSXV:EL) offers intelligent social data, analytics and insights for organizations that are actively engaging on social networks. Offered as a SaaS or through an API, the eValue Analytics platform allows brands to measure and maximize the effectiveness of their social media marketing campaigns, as well as measure that of their competitors across major social networks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Additionally, through the Keller Fay Group division of Engagement Labs, brands can also measure the marketing performance of offline word of mouth conversations. Engagement Labs maintains offices in Toronto and New Brunswick, New Jersey. www.engagementlabs.com / www.evaluesuite.com

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