Lights, Camera, Action! L’Oréal Paris, Hudson’s Bay, Express and Moet & Chandon Are Amongst the Top Social Media Brands of the 40th Toronto International Film Festival

Engagement Labs Demonstrates How a Festival Sponsorship Improves Brands' Social Media Performance During This Year's Toronto International Film Festival

TORONTO, ON - Oct 2, 2015 - Technology and data company, Engagement Labs (TSX VENTURE: EL) creator of the eValue™ score, today released data on the top performing sponsors during the 40th annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) that took place September 10, 2015 to September 20, 2015 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

"Seen as the leading public film festival in the world with a record 500,000 public attendees and 408,117 tickets sold this year, TIFF has established itself over the last 40 years on a global scale. With such international attention it only makes sense that the festival has gained numerous illustrious sponsors. Being associated to an event as grand as TIFF enables brands to boost their overall reputation and provides sponsors with the opportunity to expose themselves to a wider audience base via social media activations," said Bryan Segal, CEO at Engagement Labs. "We see specific sponsors who align their content to the Festival's editorial voice, tone and overarching narrative, are able to resonate the most with a broader TIFF audience."

"For instance, looking at the eValue scores on Twitter, we see Cineplex Entertainment scoring well with an eValue score of 71.34. During the Festival, their Twitter feed leveraged their sponsorship by posting content related directly to the event, such as a trailer for an upcoming Festival film or images of celebrities from red carpet premieres," continued Segal. "As the major cinema brand in Canada, Cineplex strategically attached itself to one of the biggest global film festivals, solidifying their reputation and engaging a diverse audience."

Moreover, Major Sponsor L'Oréal Paris and Official Multi-Brand Retailer Hudson's Bay also performed extremely well on Twitter. Both sponsors took a similar approach to Cineplex, leveraging Festival content to their advantage. L'Oréal Paris posted makeup looks from the red carpet events, increasing their eValue score over 20 points from pre-festival rankings. While Hudson's Bay provided a branded red carpet for several of the premieres, scored an overall eValue score of 73.52, posting images of celebrities gracing the aforementioned carpet.

"Taking a look at Facebook, we see similar trends that were leveraged on Twitter. Moët & Chandon earned an eValue score of 71.47 and boasted an increase in our Engagement subscore during the festival by over 10 points to 82.6. This can be due to their posting of images from their red carpet campaign involving celebrities autographing a giant bottle of Moët & Chandon," stated Segal.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) -- the Official Bank of the Festival, increased Engagement, Impact and Responsiveness on Facebook during the time of the Festival, by engaging their audiences through videos of correspondents on the red carpet speaking to celebrity attendees. Moreover, telecommunications company and Lead Sponsor Bell amplified their Engagement subscore on Facebook, while Major Sponsor Visa Canada improved both their Engagement and followers during the course of the Festival through their red carpet images.

Media partner of the Festival, The Toronto Star, scored an impressive eValue score of 93.68 and an Engagement subscore of 100, out of a possible 100, on Facebook. As a news outlet covering the Festival on a daily basis, the brand was consistently posting content related to the Festival, thus engaging with highly active and unique users.

On Instagram, Express scored an overall eValue score of 75.75 through their posting of Festival-related content. The brand shared content from red carpet events incorporating celebrities wearing their brand, which allowed them to create engagement and increased their already highly active user base.

"One thing we have seen amongst the top performing sponsors is a consistent promotion of related Festival content," notes Segal. "Making the most of their sponsorship of the global event helped these brands reach more diverse audiences and engage different followers. Brands are always looking for new effective social media strategies to grow and engage their following, so what better way than to incorporate content involving A-list celebrities and the most buzz-worthy films."

After all, during the Festival, TIFF itself managed to increase its eValue scores across their Facebook and Instagram channels to impressive levels. Scoring a 90.27 on Facebook, it is clear that the Festival is resonating well with followers, which only works to benefit any sponsor brands attached to the Festival.

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