Keller Fay Launches First Comprehensive, Social Conversation Tracking System for Television

“TotalSocial™ for TV” is First to Measure All Conversations About New and Returning Shows, Offline Word of Mouth Plus Social Media 

CBS Selects TotalSocial™ for TV

New Brunswick, NJ – September 7, 2016 – Just in time for the fall premiere of the 2016-17 television season, Keller Fay Group, an Engagement Labs company, is launching “TotalSocial for TV,” a first of its kind system for tracking the strength of consumer/viewer conversations about primetime TV shows.  The tracking system will provide  comprehensive insights for offline conversation combined with conversations about TV shows on social media platforms. CBS will begin using the tracking system starting this fall.

For nearly a decade, Keller Fay has worked with major television networks to provide offline conversation insights. With the inclusion of online social media data, TotalSocial for TV is the only solution to deliver the full spectrum of conversations taking place about television programming.

“Television is a cornerstone of popular culture. People watch television programs because they are recommended by friends and family, and TV is often the topic of real time conversation on social media as well as water cooler conversation the next day. Only by measuring both can networks and advertisers understand what is driving viewer tune in and engagement. We developed TotalSocial for TV to provide the industry with a comprehensive picture of all the conversations taking place about their content, regardless of where they take place,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs and the Keller Fay Group.

“Over the years, Keller Fay has helped us understand how different the TV program conversation is offline versus the conversations on social networks,” said David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer of CBS and President, CBS Vision. “With this new offering, CBS and others in the industry, who appreciate the importance of holistic measurement, will get a deep understanding of all the conversations happening around their programs, regardless of where these conversations take place. This will help our industry and our advertisers better understand exactly which TV shows have true social currency.”

TotalSocial for TV will be unique in the marketplace in several respects:

  • Includes offline conversations; as well as a comprehensive measure of online conversation
  • Offers a scoring methodology for comparing and combining offline and online conversations;
  • Measures sentiment for TV program conversations, online and offline;
  • Offers diagnostic analysis services that goes beyond volumetric ratings.

TotalSocial for TV is a companion service to Engagement Labs’ broader TotalSocial™ system announced earlier this month, which covers a wide array of consumer brands in 17 categories, both in the US and UK markets.

About Engagement Labs/Keller Fay

Engagement Labs (TSXV:EL) is the world’s first TotalSocialTM company, offering intelligent data, analytics and insights for marketers. Keller Fay is an Engagement Labs company. We are leaders in tracking, measuring and benchmarking the social impact of conversations happening around a brand and industry – both online and offline. Consumer conversations are a proven driver of critical business outcomes, including sales. Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial measurement solution provides brands with unique data fueled insights and powerful analytics to understand online and offline social impact and drive business results.

Engagement Labs has a suite of proprietary tools including TotalSocial, an industry first conversation mapping system for companies to understand online and offline social data in a single integrated score. eValueTM Analytics is the global benchmarking tool for social media scoring offering real-time analysis to measure a brand’s social media performance. TalkTrack® is the only data system that measures the totality of word of mouth. Engagement Labs maintains offices in Canada – Toronto, ON and Montreal, QC, U.S. – New Brunswick, NJ, and UK – London. To learn more visit / /

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