Donald Trump is the Social Media Nominee

Engagement Labs Ranks How the 2016 Presidential Candidates Perform on Social Media

TORONTO, Ontario — June 1, 2016 – Technology and data company Engagement Labs, creator of eValue Analytics™ score, today released rankings on how U.S. Presidential candidates performed on Facebook and Twitter, for the month of May 2016.

“The U.S. Presidential race maintained its reputation as the social media election with the candidates’ active social channels reflecting the major changes on the campaign trail,” stated Bryan Segal, CEO at Engagement Labs. “This past month saw Donald Trump clinch the official nomination for the Republican Party, while Bernie Sanders continued to garner the youth vote against Hillary Clinton, who is growing in popularity. With the general election around the corner, it’s more critical than ever for the candidates to engage voters via social media to ensure their spot in the White House.”

On Facebook, all the candidates performed well, earning high eValue scores, with Trump leading the pack. Additionally, the candidates all scored impressively with respect to Engagement and Impact, with Trump leading both subcategories. However, Sanders was the most responsive candidate to his followers on Facebook. Trump maintained the largest follower growth on the channel, with just more than 632,500 new followers added in May. Despite trailing behind for eValue scores, Clinton gained the second most followers on the channel.

Trump remained the leading candidate on Twitter with much higher Engagement than the other candidates, the highest Impact score and the largest follower growth of approximately 546,500 followers during the month. Placing second on Twitter, Sanders boasted the highest active user base and the most retweets and mentions per 1,000 fans, which can be attributed to his campaign’s connection with the younger voter base.

On Twitter, Trump’s strategy on the channel does not incorporate responding to voters directly, which could hurt him when it comes times for voters to hit the polls. Both the Democratic candidates demonstrated response strategies on the channel, interacting with followers in two-way conversations and scoring higher than the GOP nominee in the subcategory.

“Trump’s consistent use of his social media platforms to voice his opinions on the other candidates and relevant political issues has earned him high engagement scores throughout the race,” said Segal. “As the race hurdles towards the general election, Trump must start using his social channels as an avenue for direct communication with voters to stay ahead of the Democratic candidates. Voters support relatable candidates who not only post engaging content addressing their questions and concerns, but who also open up two-way communication with their voters. Sander’s growing popularity with younger voters is being translated online, while Clinton’s various victories are being reflected in her large follower growth on both Facebook and Twitter.”

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