Diversity is the Only Consistency for Brands Killing it on Social, According to the evalue™ Retail Index

Champs Sports and GameStop at the Top of Their “Game” on Social; Tiffany & Co. is Crushing Other Retailers with its Engaging and Impactful Social Content

J.Crew, H&M, Forever 21, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Zara, American Eagle, Gap, Levi’s, Urban Outfitters and Guess Score Well Below The Industry Average with Their Social Efforts

TORONTO, Ontario – December 22, 2014 – Engagement Labs (TSXV-EL), the world’s foremost data-based communications company and creator of evalue™, the only independent global benchmark for social scoring, today released its “Retail Index” showcasing the top evalue scores for the world’s leading retailers. Champs Sports (96), GameStop (95) and Tiffany & Co. (89) were top-of-the-class in social engagement, impact and responsiveness – three key actionable components of the more than 300 conventional social media metrics in the evalue score. The Index includes evalue scores from more than 80 different major retail brands. To access the full list, please visit here.

The diversity of offerings from top scorers including Champs Sports, GameStop and Tiffany & Co., underscores that no matter the industry, thoughtful, genuine, sharable and consistently engaging content truly differentiates a brand from its competitors on social media. In particular, the top three performing brands significantly outscored many notable fashion retailers such as J.Crew (55), H&M (54), Forever 21 (54), Old Navy (54), Banana Republic (52), Zara (46), American Eagle (45), Gap (42), Levi’s (40), Urban Outfitters (38) and Guess (23), all of which fell well below the retail industry average of 64.

“From sporting goods and videogames, to luxury goods and jewelry, it’s great to see such a wide variety of companies that were able to use social to differentiate their brands,” said Eli Singer, CSO of Engagement Labs. “The secret to their success, is the ability to generate significant engagement by being thematically consistent, timely and relevant with their content. For Tiffany, by delivering interactive, animated content and integrating live streaming of Google Hangouts that include clever hashtags, the brand has seized the opportunity to connect on social with people in a way that differentiates its business during the holiday shopping season.”

Social media is a place where effort, thoughtfulness and being genuine can pay big dividends for brands. To stay relevant, major retailers need to focus on creating content that has a uniform look and feel, is relevant to their target audience and is not afraid to push the boundaries. Tiffany does well with using their signature blue color throughout all of its efforts, which is a great way to immerse customers in their brand and drive organic engagement.

“Champs Sports’ evalue score is a clear indicator of how thematically aligned, consistent content differentiates specialty-sporting goods and shoe retailers from larger multinationals on social media,” said Bryan Segal, CEO of Engagement Labs. “For instance, Champs Sports’ ‘#TheDrop’ series, offers fun and interesting facts about top athletes and professional sports teams. It’s a great way to drive engagement and jump into mainstream, pop culture moments that build trust with consumers using relatable content.”

Outside of Champs Sports, the majority of sporting retailers scored above average on the Index, including the likes of Foot Locker (85), Finish Line (76) and Dick’s Sporting Goods (68). Sports Authority (43) was the lone outlier that finished well below the industry average.

Other evalue Retail Index findings include:

  • Levi’s, Gap (42) and Coach (35) also offer little-to-no seasonally specific content, missing out on an important moments to connect with their audience in a timely, interesting and relevant way
  • Coach (35) and Guess’ (23) customer service numbers were extremely low, and were a key factor in their being ranked very low on the Index. Guess was also ineffective in their use of hashtags, and lacked a strong and consistent theme to their content
  • Big box retailers populated the middle tier of the Index: Costco (68), Sam’s Club (65), Sears (65), Kmart (59), Walmart (50), Target (44)
  • Home improvement companies in general scored in the middle-to-upper tier: The Home Depot (81), Ace Hardware (75), Sherwin-Williams (62) and Lowe’s (57)


Brands are ranked by their evalue score, which is an overall measure of performance and effectiveness on a given social media channel. The ranking is based on the evalue scoring system, which is backed by a patented algorithm and benchmarked against a database of 50,000 verified brand accounts. The evalue score itself is an aggregate of the ideal social media KPIs – the three sub-scores of engagement, impact, and responsiveness. Unlike most tools, evalue analyzes all Facebook Page custom targeting options simultaneously. For the purpose of this Index, we looked at standard pages, global/local pages and geo-targeted content facing the United States.

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