Disney+ Is a Leading Brand for ‘Offline Conversation’ (And No, Not Just Because of Baby Yoda)

Yahoo! News


by: Stephen Silver


Engagement Labs' The TotalSocial rankings are based, the firm said, on "a combination of metrics including how much conversation brands earn, how positive, whether consumers are sharing brand content, and how well the brand is connecting with the most influential consumers."

"I can't think of another brand that literally went from zero to number-one so fast," Engagement Labs CEO Ed Keller said of Disney+.

"The combination of a great brand, a successful holiday season release, and then a pandemic keeping people at home has provided the perfect storm for Disney+ plus to succeed in the streaming marketplace. It's also notable that while the social media conversation curve quickly flattened for Disney+, the offline curve has plateaued at 40 million conversations per week."

Another survey earlier this week, from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), found that Disney+ had the largest satisfaction score of the major streaming services, with 80, placing it ahead of Netflix (78), Hulu (77) and Amazon Prime (76.)

Disney+ will debut the movie version of Hamilton the week of July 4. The service will premiere "Artemis Fowl," the adaptation of a popular book, on Friday. The movie, which was originally set for theatrical release, has gotten negative early reviews.



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