Express, Trader Joe’s Top List of Most Loved Brands


The latest research from Engagement Labs revealed that Trader Joe’s, Lego and Olay were the most loved offline brands of consumers, while American Family Insurance, Lush and Express were the most loved online brands.

Engagement Labs’ “TotalSocial” is a proprietary platform that uses social media and word-of-mouth data along with predictive analytics to create the TotalSocial Brand Awards. In this report, beauty brands dominated the two lists.

Other awards for the most loved offline brands include Dawn at number four, which was followed by Dove Man+Care, Lysol, Dove, Charles Schwab, Doritos and Bath & Body Works. In the online category, Sam’s Club was fourth and was followed by OshKosh B’Gosh, Clean & Clear, Urban Decay, TripAdvisor, Clinique and Avon.

The report’s authors said the net sentiment of consumer social conversations “continues to be positive for everyday categories such as beauty and personal care, children’s products, food and home.” The report noted that consumers emphasize these categories “as they directly relate to their daily lives and well-being that generate consumer conversations. Brands that can successfully generate positive conversations and engagement with consumers in these categories are likely to see increased sales and brand loyalty.”

Engagement Labs said Trader Joe’s had a sentiment score of 91 “and the retailer enjoys a significant competitive advantage.” The researchers said other supermarkets “lag behind at quite a distance earning scores well below Trader Joe’s,” including H-E-B with a score of 77, Aldi at 68, Food Lion with 63 and Publix with 61.



Read the full Women's Wear Daily (WWD) article, here.

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