Wilke Global- Consumer affairs strategy should include word of mouth

Customer service drives lots of word of mouth, by influential people. It can absolutely be very positive, and word of mouth plays a huge role in purchase decisions. Factor this in to your plans to contribute to your business!

If your business is driven largely by marketing the question of ‘reach’ matters quite a bit. In a prior blog post we covered how to position the reach of your consumer affairs work. However, there is another factor that should be considered when looking at both how many people you touch through consumer care and how you may be influencing their behavior – the word of mouth effect.

The idea that people tell others about things they like or dislike, which then influences their attitudes and behaviors is not a new one. That idea and the ability to 'see it happen' online certainly played a key role in the allocation of marketing funds to social media in recent years.

Continue reading this article, authored by Wilke Global CMO John Stieger, here.

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