What Millennial Men Want From Retailers Now

There’s a number of new reports, some released this morning, about the elusive millennial man (ages 20-35) and what motivates him. As millennial men age, their tastes evolve. Millennials are now the largest age cohort in the U.S. population and how they change as they get older has a big impact on American retailers.

The Engagement Labs Report

Unlike their reputation, millennial men are not just about themselves. According to a report being released today by Engagement Labs, millennial men have high interest and are important influencers of purchases of products that older generations of men have not shown any interest in, including:

  • Beauty products
  • Apparel
  • Household products

Who are these men? They are people with large real-world social networks and people who frequently give advice about products and services. These influential men have 19 conversations per day with other people about brands. (By contrast, the average person is involved in a conversation about brands nine times per day.) These men, whom Engagement Labs calls Conversation Catalysts, are early adopters of consumer products and have a high social value for brands.

Read the full Forbes article, here.

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