World Cup shows why we need to talk about brands being talked about



World Cup advertising and sponsorship has got fans talking about the brands involved – an immediate behavioral response that works for both short and long-purchase-cycle categories.

Why it matters

An important but sometimes under-appreciated element of advertising and marketing is to drive ‘talkability’ about a brand: a quarter of the impact of advertising on sales around tentpole events occurs when consumers talk about the brand. Learnings from this World Cup can be carried forward to the next big sporting event – Super Bowl LVII in Arizona.

About soccer fans generally 

  • In the US, Engagement Labs reports that soccer fans engage in 95 category conversations each week (33% more than non-viewers).
  • The biggest gaps are seen in travel, sports, children’s products, technology, household products, and personal care and beauty.
  • They are 2.7x more likely to be everyday consumer influencers versus non-viewers.

World Cup fans and brands

  • 40% of World Cup viewers are engaging in a conversation about at least one advertiser, says Engagement Labs – that’s a +36% lift from non-viewers.
  • World Cup sponsors also get a boost with 26% of viewers talking about a sponsor, which is 25% higher than non-viewers.



Read the full WARC article, here.

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