Radio ‘catalyzes’ consumer brand conversations and interactions



Radio can reach diverse audiences, drive brand conversations and, ultimately, impact purchase intent, says a new US study.

Why radio listening matters

The findings of the study* – commissioned by radio industry body RAB in collaboration with Engagement Labs – point to radio’s enduring resonance and its ability to shape the brand-consumer relationship, drive social communication and impact the bottom line.


  • Brand conversations: Heavy radio listeners engage in 4.7 billion weekly brand conversations, surpassing heavy users of other media channels like TV, social media, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Everyday influencers: Around half (51%) of brand conversations among heavy radio listeners result in an intent to purchase, surpassing the national average of 49%. This impact is particularly pronounced in sectors like automotive, sports, telecom, technology, beverages and healthcare.
  • Diverse audiences: Radio dominates across 15 different business categories and acts as a potent bridge, effectively connecting brands with diverse target audiences.


Read the full WARC article, here.

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