Everyday influencers can build brand equity


News, 08 February 2019


A fascination with paid influencers has meant that marketers often overlook the opportunity to cultivate strategies that would put the power of “everyday influencers” to work on their behalf, according to three influential US industry figures.

Writing in the current issue of Admap, Ed Keller and Brad Fay, CEO and CCO respectively of Engagement Labs, and Matt Dodd, managing partner of Kantar Analytics, argue that paid influencers can drive surges in demand, but marketers have a much more sustainable opportunity to engage everyday influencers whose value comes from personal relationships with their closest friends and families.

And they report their ongoing research indicates that word of mouth can contribute to between a quarter and half of long-term brand equity. (For more, read the full article: The power of everyday influencers in driving business outcomes.)

That assessment is based on the social metrics they say are the biggest drivers of business impact: offline conversation volume and net sentiment, both online and offline.

“On average, these three metrics combine to account for 70% of the impact of all social metrics on brand purchases,” they say.


Read the full WARC article, here.

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