Digital begins to replace TV as a conversation driver


News, 18 March 2019


TV advertising has driven consumer conversations for years, but evidence suggests younger viewers' growing preference for digital channels and streaming is making it harder for brands to engage with them.

That is according to Engagement Labs, a data and analytics firm, whose TotalSocial platform measured the number of times people talked about brands and product categories each week since 2013.

The study, entitled Cutting the Cord That Engages Us, found a modest overall decline in the average number of weekly consumer conversations per person (from 76 in 2013 to 73 in 2018), but also a “dramatic” decline in conversation frequency among young people.

The data revealed that the number of consumer conversations among teens dropped from 115 per person per week in 2013 to 95 in 2018, while the decline among consumers in their twenties fell from 102 to 93 over the same period.

“There is reason to believe that the culprit is declining exposure to television commercials, as millennials are cutting their cable cords in favour of streaming services – or never getting a cord in the first place,” the report said.


Read the full WARC article, here.

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