Why trolling IHOP isn’t the same as snacking on Papa John’s woes

Amid a trend in "clapping back" to brand missteps and stunts, competitors must test the water's temperature before jumping in the social media pool.

It seems to be the Golden Era of brands clapping back at each other on social media. When IHOP temporarily changed its name to IHOb in an effort to promote its hamburgers, Wendy's was there with a snarky remark: "Not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard." When Amazon struggled with a website outage on its heavily promoted Prime Day, Hooters added a #PrimeDay hashtag to a reminder that "Our site is working just fine."

Yet when Papa John's came under fire after reports surfaced that founder and spokesman John Schnatter used a racial slur on a conference call, neither Domino's, Pizza Hut nor frequent foe DiGiorno was there to comment on the controversy. With brand snarkiness at an all-time high, perhaps it's more surprising that no brand was brave enough to take the bait.


Read the full Marketing Dive article, here.

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