Top 5 consumer-ranked spirits brands in the US

It’s imperative for brands to create powerful campaigns in order to gain the trust of consumers and drive sales – and as such, the global alcoholic drinks industry boasts some of the biggest spenders on marketing and advertising.

To measure the success of this activity, Engagement Labs has ranked leading alcohol brands with its ‘TotalSocial’ tool, which combines online social media results with offline word-of-mouth conversation analytics to create a single performance score.

The score is defined by four key drivers: volume, defined by how much conversation a brand is building both on- and offline; sentiment, defined by how positive the conversation is; brand sharing, defined by how much content is being shared both on- and offline; and influence, i.e. how consumer influencers are engaging with the brand.

The analysis revealed that, as a whole, the alcohol beverage category is made up of so-called whisper brands, which are performing below average both on- and offline. When comparing online to offline, these brands perform slightly better offline, in face-to-face conversations.

“The alcohol beverage industry as a whole is built around a culture of sharing and encourages its customers to engage with others in a social environment—which presents a clear opportunity for brands to engage with its fans and facilitate more meaningful conversations that result in improved s ales and brand recognition,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs.

Read the full The Spirits Business article, here.

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