Goya Foods Receives Awards From TotalSocial Brand

The Shelby Report


March 13, 2019 | Kristen Brissette

Goya Foods was voted America’s No. 2 Most Loved U.S. Food Brand and placed in the Top 10 most-loved brands in the country, according to the second annual Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial Brand Awards.

“We have always been proud of how near and dear Goya has been among Hispanic consumers and the success we have had among general market consumers. To receive this accolade is a true testament to what Goya means to so many people and to all those who are responsible for making Goya what it is today,” said Rafael Toro, director of public relations at the Jersey City, New Jersey, company.

“The Goya brand is really breaking through in the food category, according to our TotalSocial data platform. Goya’s improvement is related to continued strong performance with positive conversations, both online and offline, as well as more offline conversation among non-Hispanic consumers, including the most influential consumers who seem to have discovered the brand recently,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs.

The company celebrates diversity and authenticity; a community of passionate people making a difference through food and giving back to all those who have supported the company for more than 83 years. Through Goya Gives, the company’s charitable arm, the company supports nearly 300 organizations endeavors, programs, scholarships and events that promote culture and benefit overall community wellness.


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