Your data strategy can be a community-building strategy – here’s how

The Drum


By Allie Webb | Marketing Strategist, Coegi

MAY 8, 2023 | 8 MIN READ


Encourage and listen to feedback

19% of all purchases are driven by consumer conversations, both online and offline. To build community and support commerce, your brand needs to actively join and moderate these conversations. As Harvard professor Julian De Freitas says, “companies should collect higher-resolution data that unveils the underlying pattern of their customer journeys”.

To really understand these journeys, layer tactics like social listening to understand emotional sentiment with ZPD collection via post-purchase surveys, likes/dislikes and polls. This will capture more holistic, emotionally-rich insights about the user experience.

Use customer feedback to improve, delight, and innovate

Take these insights and make meaningful optimizations to your media, your product offering, the purchase experience, and everything else. Advertisers can use ZPD to deliver messaging based on direct feedback, and because the customer voluntarily shared information, they won’t feel their privacy is being violated or their information is being misused.

By demonstrating that your brand values their perspective, you can empower individuals to share their voices (and their data), knowing that they will be rewarded. Then, armed with direct user feedback and an understanding of both practical and emotional needs, you can begin to build a community of enthusiastic brand champions.



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