The Buyers: Teen Retail Engagement

It can be argued that some of the toughest buyers to keep in mind when planning out retail strategies are teenagers. With each passing decade, the buying patterns of teens undoubtedly and unequivocally see a shift alongside the advances in technology. While one day a teen may be into shopping strictly online, another day may see an offline preferred experience or a mixture of both, and retailers must be at the ready to transform engagement efforts at any given time.

In each new step toward streamlining the retail process by adding in new technologies, retailers may be surprised to learn that teens, also known as Generation Z, are more apt to favor offline retail experiences. It turns out that retailers geared toward this younger demographic are having a tough time engaging them online. According to Engagement Labs’ “Leaders in Social Influence” report, rankings of the top teenage retail brands have shown that teen engagement is occurring more so in face-to-face conversations than in online engagements. In this study, teen-focused retailers were analyzed to learn more about this group of shoppers.

Teens, which some may often view as digital natives, are proving to be an interesting conundrum for retailers to tap into. While Engagement Labs’ research showed the two groups most influenced by social media include millennials (57 percent) and Generation Z (80 percent), the lack of engagement for teens online may be raising some red flags for the retail industry.

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