TechBytes with Brad Fay, Chief Commercial Officer, Engagement Labs

According to Engagement Labs, most retailers see Amazon as the benchmark to outperform, and some of them are actually managing to do it. To better understand the state of flux in e-commerce and how Amazon continues to do better than the rest of the pack in retail and e-commerce, we spoke to Brad Fay, Chief Commercial Officer, Engagement Labs.

What are the core tenets of the technology driving TotalSocial reporting?

The underlying premise of TotalSocial is the proven fact that consumers’ purchases are influenced greatly by the people around them and that marketers need a technology-driven platform that makes it possible to measure and manage social influence. That influence is not limited to social media channels but rather includes both offline and online conversation. Engagement Labs has demonstrated that 19% of all consumer purchases, on average, are driven by social influence, with about half of that influence happening in social media, and the other half related to face-to-face conversations. TotalSocial is the only data and analytics platform that measures both the online and offline conversations of consumers, with predictive analytics that link conversation to business outcomes.

What does Amazon do better than other ecommerce companies?

Amazon dominates conversations related to retail and shopping. They are particularly good at giving consumers simple but compelling topics to share with each other. Free shipping and easy merchandise returns are great examples of this. Through Amazon Prime, they have successfully created a strong relationship with their consumers, as well.


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