Tears & Cheers: NBC Sets The Field For A Night Of Consumer Talk

If we can predict anything about Super Bowl Sunday, it’s that tears will be shed — and we don’t mean by football fans (although that may be true, too). Why? The next episode of NBC’s hit show, “This is Us,” is scheduled to air right after the Super Bowl, and with a much-anticipated conclusion to a key storyline.

But we’re confident in making another prediction. This intriguing pairing — the most popular event on television followed by one of the season’s biggest TV shows — will increase consumer conversations about both events and any advertising that appears during these time slots. NBC and its advertisers are likely to be cheering, not crying, by the end of the night.

Beyond the obvious benefit of boosting viewership for both the Super Bowl and “This Is Us,” here’s why this pairing works so well: Families and friends will be watching the game and the show together. We know from our research that co-viewing increases consumer conversations about brands, and essentially, advertisers on both shows will be getting a two-for-one deal.

Read the full TheMarketingInsider article, here.

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