Most ‘Talkworthy’? Online, It’s Pillsbury; On The Street, It’s Puma

One of the top takeaways from Engagement Labs’ new TotalSocial Brand Awards is that the opinions you see about a brand on social media might be quite different from what’s being said in real life.

The first annual Brand Awards, based on analysis of 500 consumer brands, concludes that the “most talkworthy” brands online in 2017 were, in order, Pillsbury, PlayStation and Arby’s.

But in what Engagement Labs calls offline conversations — the one-on-one, face-to-face typ — the most talkworthy campaigns came from Puma, Geico and Priceline.

The least talkworthy online marketing came from Aveeno, Crystal Light and Crush. Offline, the snoozers were Mountain Dew, Sunkist and Hormel.

“Interestingly, the brands that ranked in the bottom three for the least talkworthy marketing aren’t entirely inactive in their marketing efforts,” observed CEO Ed Keller in a statement. “It is clear that brands such as Aveeno are failing to create a connection with consumers online, due to a lack of shareable content on its social media and digital channels. On the other hand, even though brands such as Hormel are still actively running TV commercials, we can gauge the success of these campaigns by monitoring how much consumers are amplifying that message in online and offline conversations.”

Read the full Marketing Daily article, here.

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