The most talked about brands—who’s inciting the most jabber?


Before consumers buy, they talk. They seek recommendations from friends, co-workers and family about where to shop, what to eat or drink and what shows to watch—and those conversations have a huge impact on the revenue of the brands being discussed. In fact, new research from Engagement Labs finds that these consumer conversations drive 19 percent of all consumer sales.

In a recent analysis of more than 500 consumer brands in a variety of categories, then firm ranked the brands that are the most talked about in consumer conversations. The rankings are based on the volume of conversation about the brand online (via social media) and offline (via face-to-face conversations).

The rankings are based on measurements of the four most important drivers of brand performance:

  • Brand sharing—the extent to which people are sharing or talking about a brand’s marketing or advertising
  • Sentiment—having more positive than negative conversations
  • Volume—a measure of how many conversations mention a brand, and
  • Influence—the extent to which an influential audience is talking about a brand

Read the full Bulldog Reporter article, here.

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