Turner Sports Releases Data on Out of Home, Linear Television Viewing

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In Q1 2018 Turner Sports collaborated with Engagement Labs to measure the value of out-of-home audiences for advertisers during NBA on TNT’s coverage. By studying nine NBA on TNT sponsors, results suggest that NBA sponsors receive comparable or, sometimes, better value for out-of-home audiences compared to at-home audiences. Out-of-home viewership also produces an extra “social” value to advertisers.

“Turner Sports properties deliver a significant out-of-home audience reach — across the NBA, UEFA, MLB, PGA Championship, and NCAA — we recognize that in order to accurately measure audience behavior, we need to be able to measure consumption across all platforms, screens or locations,” says Jay Leon, vice president of Turner Sports Research.

Some of these findings include:

  • Out-of-home NBA viewers delivered a 100% lift in purchase consideration of 9 sponsor brands over non-NBA viewers, compared to an 85% lift for in-home NBA viewers.
  • There was an increase of +125% in word-of-mouth volume about those same nine advertisers by out-of-home NBA viewers, compared to a 75% volume lift by in-home viewers over non-viewers.
  • In addition, NBA out-of-home viewers exhibited a 51% lift in ad recall over non-viewers, similar to the 49% lift achieved by in-home viewers.
  • According to Nielsen’s National Out-of-Home Reporting Service, during the 2018 NBA on TNT Western Conference Finals, out-of-home audiences delivered a +10.9% lift in adult 18-49 viewership (above and beyond in-home viewership), while adults 25-54 achieved a 10.1% lift. By measuring out-of-home viewing, advertisers are provided valuable incremental audiences beyond standard in-home viewing.


Read the full Sports Video Group article, here.

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