Study: Pillsbury, Puma top brands for most ‘talkworthy’ marketing

Dive Brief:

  • Pillsbury was ranked the most "talkworthy" brand online following its 48th Annual Pillsbury Bakeoff, according to the results of Engagement Labs' Total Social Brand Awards for Brand Sharing made available to Marketing Dive. Pillsbury widely promoted the event, returning last year after a hiatus, on its social media and digital channels.
  • Engagement Labs' rankings analyzed 500 brands across a number of categories and are based on how much people are sharing or talking about a brand's marketing online via social media and offline via face-to-face conversations. Puma took the top spot for offline marketing thanks to ambassador-centric campaigns featuring celebrities with large followings, including Selena Gomez, Big Sean and Rihanna.
  • PlayStation, which saw a sales increase of its consoles and games in 2017, ranked No. 2 in online "talkworthiness," and Arby's took the third spot following a revamped marketing strategy and targeting of niche audiences. For offline, Geico and were ranked second and third, respectively. Geico's gecko mascot helped the brand drive engagement and Priceline has recently increased its advertising, including through TV. Aveeno, Crystal Light and Crush were the top three least talkworthy marketing campaigns online; Mountain Dew, Sunkist and Hormel were the least talkworthy offline.

Read the full Marketing Dive article, here.

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