Starbucks Loses Top Spot for QSR Social Conversations

Dive Brief:

  1. Chick-fil-A led quick-serve restaurant (QSR) brands in consumer word of mouth and social media conversations over the past six months, followed by Papa John's, Domino's, Starbucks and Panera Bread, according to a study from Engagement Labs made available to Marketing Dive. Chipotle, Taco Bell, Wendy's and In-N-Out all made their debut in the top 10 as well. Engagement Labs uses a TotalSocial scoring in its research, which combines social media listening metrics with ongoing measurement of offline word-of-mouth.
  2. Chick-fil-A took over the top spot from Starbucks in the six-month update — the last ranking was released in March — and improved its sentiment with consumers, along with posting strong volume scores, meaning people were talking about the brand more often and more positively. Engagement Labs suggested that some of that might stem from the brand's effort to avoid taking controversial stances.
  3. Engagement Labs also highlighted the declining conversation around Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts, the two leading coffee brands: "In the case of Dunkin' Donuts, the company saw a decline in its sentiment scores, which is a concern because our predictive analytics show that sentiment is an important driver of future sales," Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs, said in a statement. "Meanwhile, Starbucks dropped in the ranking due to a decline in its brand sharing scores, demonstrating that consumers are sharing less of the coffee chain's content online, while also talking less about its marketing or advertising in offline conversations."

Read the full Mobile Marketer article, here.

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