Engagement Labs And Kantar Analytics Form Partnership

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US – Social intelligence data and analytics specialist Engagement Labs has agreed a multi-year deal with WPP’s Kantar Analytics Practice in the UK.

The partnership includes a multi-year licensing agreement for the exclusive rights to sell Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial platform in the UK.

In addition to the TotalSocial license agreement, Kantar and Engagement Labs will also create advanced analytics as part of Kantar’s AI toolkit (known as STAN) to help brands understand how best to maximise the impact of their marketing spend.

Matt Dodd, managing partner of Kantar Analytics Practice, said: "I have long been impressed with the innovative work from the Engagement Labs team, and TotalSocial is the best solution to incorporate Kantar Analytics’ toolkit ."

Ed Keller, chief executive officer at Engagement Labs, said: “Our experience has shown us that social media data is one part of how a brand is perceived. Online conversations sometimes mirror offline ones but it’s not always so straightforward.


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