TVB Releases Two New Media Usage Studies

By RBR-TVBR - May 4, 2022

TVB, the television advertising sales advocacy organization, has released two new media research studies chock full of insight on media’s impact on consumers, and what this means for marketers seeking to connect with them in the best way.

The TVB 2022 American Conversation Study, conducted by Engagement Labs, examines media’s influence on word of mouth marketing, while the 2022 Political Media Usage Studies look at media usage across linear and digital platforms in 2022 politically competitive states.

Among the key findings for TVB 2022 American Conversation Study:

  • Media affects conversations; TV is the key to sparking and supporting American conversations about news of the day, local/regional news, and politics.
  • Television affects 56% of political conversations, which is significantly more than online content, social media, print, and radio.
  • Local broadcast TV news is the primary source of news. Respondents found it to be the most shareworthy, believable, and trustworthy news source.
  • If limited to only 5 channel choices, respondents picked broadcast TV as their top 4.
  • Respondents found social media to be the least believable and least trustworthy news source and also perceive “fake news” to be most prevalent on it.
  • Consumer opinion leaders in 13 key product categories often bring up stories they heard on their local broadcast TV station in daily conversations and find it to be the most trustworthy platform.
  • 49% of respondents are talking about politics daily. That has grown 44% since 2015 (34%).
  • 62% of respondents said they are very likely to vote in the upcoming November 2022 mid-term elections.
  • About half of survey respondents said the economy was the #1 issue that would get them to vote in the mid-term elections.



Read the full Radio and Television Business Report (RBR+TVBR) article, here.

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