Look To Gen Z For More Retail Trend-Setting


Posted on August 28, 2019


Forget millennials – well, at least for a moment. So-called Generation Z is also driving much of the innovation when it comes to retail.

Take Target, for instance. To reach consumers on the hunt for offerings that are “clean and natural,” the retail chain rolled out its Everspring household brand. The line includes products such as dish soap, paper towels and laundry detergent. The selections are made from recycled and bio-based materials as well as natural fibers. They will also come with a new “Target Clean” symbol, which indicates that an item is not made with chemicals like propylparaben or sodium laureth sulfate.

The items are sold in small quantities to catch the interest of Generation Z and millennial consumers who aren’t interested in buying in bulk. Reportedly, Target research has shown that these consumers aren’t as loyal to specific brands as older shoppers.

According to research, approximately 40 percent of all shoppers are from Gen Z. Engagement Labs, the data and analytics company that assists marketers, says the group of people born between 1997 and 2016 are 86 million strong, and influence $600 billion of spending by families. This group is also big on conversations, both online and offline: Engagement Labs finds that they drive 19 percent of purchases.


Engagement Labs surveyed 6,736 teens during the course of 12 months about what they talked about in the previous 24 hours, and found that those topics included gadgets, drinks and snack foods. They noted that they found Generation Z to be a very social group of people. As a result, digital devices from the likes of Apple and Samsung are popular with this group, as are food and beverage brands.


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