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Nordstrom outranked by Macy’s, Target in social engagement

Published by Engagement Labs on December 22, 2017
Previously top-ranked in consumer engagement, department store chain Nordstrom has been pushed out by mass-market retailers, according to Engagement Labs. Read the full Luxury Daily article, here. For more information on TotalSocial™ or to request a demo, visit For sales contact us at: For media inquires contact us at: About TotalSocialTM Want […]

When it Comes to Consumer Conversations, Macy’s is Trending While Nordstrom and Under Armour Fall Behind

Published by Engagement Labs on December 20, 2017
Engagement Labs Reveals Consumer Conversation Trends in TotalSocial® Rankings of Top U.S. Retail and Apparel Brands Based on Word of Mouth and Social Media Conversations The rapid rise of ecommerce channels combined with growing number of choices to purchase goods is leading to unpredictable consumer shopping behavior. This market dynamic makes it imperative for retail […]

Dove Drops, Bath & Body Works and Sephora Both Rise in ‘Social Influence’

Published by Engagement Labs on December 19, 2017
In Engagement Labs‘ latest TotalSocial rankings of social influence among personal care and beauty brands in the US, Dove lost its number one spot after consumers criticized two of its marketing campaigns as insensitive. Meanwhile, Maybelline’s hiring of its first male brand ambassador helped lift it into the top 10. The analysis looks at how each personal care […]

Why are so many brand categories woefully bad at word-of-mouth?

Published by Engagement Labs on December 12, 2017
According to a new study from Engagement Labs, an estimated 19 percent of consumer sales are now driven by offline and online social conversations. But many retail categories are failing to capture much WOM (word-of-mouth) buzz. The study, conducted in conjunction with Koen Pauwels, professor of marketing at Northeastern University and BI Oslo, determined that […]

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing: Most Used, Most Misunderstood By Retailers

Published by Engagement Labs on December 11, 2017
TOOLS:  “Walk this way!  Talk this way!” Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Aerosmith in “Walk This Way” Retailers need to show their customers how to “walk this way” and how to “talk this way” to spread the word. It means providing an easy format through which delighted customers can easily spread the word. A concise […]

Weekly Retail Media Note #165: Word-Of-Mouth Said To Drive Almost One-Fifth Of Consumer Sales. Social Media A Key

Published by Engagement Labs on December 10, 2017
How important is it to retailers that they have customer service that delivers above expectation? Simply put, customers who are overwhelmed with the customer service by a retailer tell other people about it. It is an exceptional moment in retail. Word-of-mouth has time and again been shown in research to be the top influencer of […]

Starbucks attempts to recapture unicorn success with Christmas Tree Frappuccino

Published by Engagement Labs on December 8, 2017
Dive Brief: Starbucks is getting into the holiday spirit with a new limited-edition drink, the Christmas Tree Frappuccino, which will only be available from Dec. 7-11, per a company news post. The drink is designed to include what the company described as the “festive flavors of the season,” with a Peppermint Mocha Crème Frappuccino base topped […]

BRAND MARKETING RESEARCH: 41% of Consumers Have Switched Brands Due to Poor Personalization

Published by Engagement Labs on December 7, 2017
US/US-HISPANIC MARKET According to research from Accenture cited by eMarketer, 41% of consumers have switched the brands they buy from because of poor personalization, and 50% say that they did so because of “poor customer experience” in general. This mistake represents a total of $756 billion in lost retail and brand sales. A new study […]

Dunkin’ Donuts opens creative review months after appointing new CMO

Published by Engagement Labs on December 5, 2017
Dive Brief: Dunkin’ Donuts has started a review for its U.S. creative business, according to a report in Ad Age, putting its nearly two-decade relationship with current agency of record (AOR) Hill Holliday in jeopardy. Hill Holliday came up with the brand’s iconic “America Runs on Dunkin’” tagline in 2006 and has also served as AOR for Dunkin’s […]

Word-of-Mouth Said to Drive Almost One-Fifth of Consumer Sales

Published by Engagement Labs on December 5, 2017
Word-of-mouth has time and again been shown in research to be the top influencer of consumer’s purchase decisions. Now, a new study from Engagement Labs quantifies the extent to which word-of-mouth drives sales, finding that an estimated 19% of consumers sales are the result of online and offline conversations. The study analyzed correlations between consumer conversations and purchases […]