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Social conversations and WOM drive sales

Published by Engagement Labs on November 28, 2017
NEW YORK: Social conversations and word-of-mouth, both online and offline, have a measurable business impact and are a major driver of consumer sales, a new study has revealed. According to Engagement Labs, a firm that analyses conversation data, online and offline conversations drive an estimated 19% of brand sales, which equates to between $7 trillion […]
New York

Companies Should Ignore Angry Online Mobs More

Published by Engagement Labs on November 27, 2017
Companies aren’t always good at dealing with the torrents of anger frequently unleashed by social media. What risk-averse executives and social-media managers often fail to realize is that the subset of people who use social media do not represent the broader world, and further, that the subset of people who get extremely mad on social […]
The New York Times

Brands Heed Social Media. They’re Advised Not to Forget Word of Mouth.

Published by Engagement Labs on November 27, 2017
When President Trump sent an angry tweet in February blasting Nordstrom for dropping his daughter Ivanka’s clothing line from its stores, his supporters took to social media to intensify their previous calls to boycott the retailer. Nordstrom had reason to worry: Previous tweets from Mr. Trump calling out other brands, such as Lockheed Martin, had […]
The Wall Street Journal.

CMO Today: Meredith to Acquire Time Inc.; LittleThings Explores Options; The Perils of Over-Tracking Social Sentiment

Published by Engagement Labs on November 27, 2017
Good morning. Happy Cyber Monday! That said, it seems some of you were celebrating slightly early this year. As The Wall Street Journal reported, the number of people visiting U.S. stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday fell 4% from last year, according to analysis from RetailNext. Meanwhile, Adobe said online sales increased 18% over that […]
Mobile Marketer

Starbucks Loses Top Spot for QSR Social Conversations

Published by Engagement Labs on November 16, 2017
Dive Brief: Chick-fil-A led quick-serve restaurant (QSR) brands in consumer word of mouth and social media conversations over the past six months, followed by Papa John’s, Domino’s, Starbucks and Panera Bread, according to a study from Engagement Labs made available to Marketing Dive. Chipotle, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and In-N-Out all made their debut in the […]

How to generate brand buzz

Published by Engagement Labs on October 19, 2017
NEW YORK — What gets consumers talking about a brand? The answer is different depending on where the conversation takes place — on-line or face-to-face — but both are important, according to Engagement Labs. Based in New York, Engagement Labs tracks on-line and word of mouth conversations about brands to compile its TotalSocial rankings, which […]

Retailers Measure Social Media Versus Offline Communications

Published by Engagement Labs on October 18, 2017
NEW YORK – In this heyday of social media, sometimes it is good to recall the importance and usefulness of offline communication when retailing is involved, suggested Ed Keller, chief executive officer of Engagement Labs. Platform providers and other media send the message that consumer shopping choices are greatly influenced by digital communication, but Keller […]

Tesla, Toyota among top ‘talk-worthy’ brands

Published by Engagement Labs on October 18, 2017
NEW YORK – When it comes to social influence among automotive brands in the U.S, Tesla Motors and Toyota are a step ahead of many of their respective luxury and mass market competitors. This is according to Engagement Labs’ latest TotalSocial ranking that measures brand performance among automotive brands in both face-to-face and social media […]

Fall TV exclusive: Viewers still buzzing about ‘Good Doctor;’ ‘Gifted’ lifted in survey

Published by Engagement Labs on October 17, 2017
Two weeks into the fall TV season, viewers are making up their minds about which new shows are resonating. ABC’s The Good Doctor, fall’s most popular new drama, also generated the most talk among researcher Engagement Labs’ panel of 1,450 Americans ages 13 to 69, according to data provided exclusively to USA TODAY. NBC’s Will […]

Report: Coca-Cola creates the most buzz among non-alcoholic beverage brands

Published by Engagement Labs on October 11, 2017
Dive Brief: Coca-Cola is the top-ranked non-alcoholic beverage brand in the U.S. for consumers’ face-to-face and social media conversations, according to the latest research from Engagement Labs, which looked at the past six months. Pepsi was pushed out of the top 10, dropping from #7 in March to #11 now. Besides Coca-Cola (#1), other brands […]