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New Study Shows Digital Advertising Significantly Drives More Brand Word Of Mouth And Conversation Than Social Advertising On Facebook

Published by Engagement Labs on December 14, 2021
By PRNewswire On Dec 14, 2021   First of Its Kind Study By Engagement Labs Examines Digital Versus Social Ad Performance of Ten Leading Consumer Brands Engagement Labs released the findings of a study on digital advertising compared to social advertising on Facebook. The study, commissioned by G/O Media, showed that digital display ads contribute significantly more than Facebook to […]

Blockbuster is trapped in brand limbo. Will it ever get out?

Published by Engagement Labs on November 3, 2021
  Whether as a joke, a nostalgic trip back to the ’90s or as shorthand for the love of movies, the dead chain’s name still resonates with many. Except perhaps the brand’s owner. Published Nov. 3, 2021 Ben Unglesbee, Senior Reporter … Terry described Blockbuster as having “meme” status. And lest you think memes can’t […]
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Who’s hot, who’s not: Consumer buzz trends as holiday 2021 fast approaches

Published by Engagement Labs on September 17, 2021
Sep 17, 2021 | Marketing, Public Relations   Consumer conversation trends reveal who has the most WOM traction and who needs to take quick corrective action. For much of the country, late summer means back to school, and end of summer vacations. For marketers, it means the final push to prepare for holiday 2021. As Adweek recently noted, “The holidays aren’t […]
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Looking for real influence? Forget celebrity influencers, focus on real people

Published by Engagement Labs on September 10, 2021
  Sep 10, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations   At Engagement Labs, we have long believed in the power of everyday influencers to drive business results. And now there is new, independent scientific evidence that supports our view. For example, in a piece entitled, Influencer marketing: beyond the hype, we said that while businesses are rushing to engage with celebrity and near-celebrity “influencers” […]
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Packaging innovation is a great consumer buzz generator—just ask Andy England

Published by Engagement Labs on August 11, 2021
  Aug 11, 2021 | Marketing, Public Relations   “The marketer who steered Coors Light’s ‘cold’ ad messaging for years is now taking the same approach to vodka,” according to AdAge and other recent trade news. “Andy England—who was chief marketing officer at MillerCoors from 2008 to 2015—is now CEO at Phillips Distilling, a Minnesota-based spirits marketer that under his […]
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Study: Today’s podcast audience is a WOM powerhouse

Published by Engagement Labs on July 16, 2021
  Jul 16, 2021 | Public Relations “Even before COVID-19, the podcast industry was seeing rapid growth, with monthly listeners reaching 645mn globally in 2019 and advertising revenues growing at a double-digit rate; industry revenues are poised to more than double by 2024,” according to PwC’s Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020-2024. Good news for podcast advertisers: we have strong evidence that […]

How To Become A Word-Of-Mouth Maven

Published by Engagement Labs on June 7, 2021
  In a recent Marketing Daily post, “Disrupting A Once-Staid Category, Kotex Builds A ‘Menstruation Machine,’”Sarah Paulsen, senior global creative and design director for Kimberly-Clark’s adult and feminine care brands said, “The goal is to demystify periods to help reduce stigma. And we wanted a fun way to show how little people know about the way […]
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America’s changing brand buzz since COVID-19—who’s winning?

Published by Engagement Labs on May 6, 2021
by Engagement Labs | May 6, 2021 | Analysis, Covid-19, Public Relations The COVID-19 pandemic has brought countless challenges to Americans over the past year. From the everyday issues of social distancing, sickness and childcare, to the financial issues of concern over jobs / personal finances and understanding the stimulus – the past year has altered everyone’s way of life. But has it impacted […]

Word-of-Mouth, Post-Pandemic

Published by Engagement Labs on April 12, 2021
  OPINION & ANALYSIS Jim Karrh On Marketing by Jim Karrh Monday, Apr. 12, 2021 12:00 am   1 min read What is happening with good ol’ word-of-mouth? This question is vitally important for the growth of nearly any business. Word-of-mouth tends to drive your reputation and consumers’ choices far more than do other communication channels. But […]

Which Brands Were the “Most Loved” Last Year?

Published by Engagement Labs on March 26, 2021
  March 26, 2021   Trader Joe’s tops the list of most loved brands offline, while Great Value is considered the most loved brand online in 2020. Here’s how other brands fared in an analysis [press release] of top brands by Engagement Labs. In its analysis of more than 650 US consumer brands across various […]